PurolatorHere I sit, in my living room, waiting for the Purolator delivery guy to arrive with the new desk I ordered online on Wednesday.
When I placed the order, the delivery date quote was for Tuesday, July 26, so I planned to come home from my cottage on Sunday, or Monday at the latest, to make sure I’d be around to accept the desk-in-a-box from the nice man who would bring it to my door.
Then this morning at my cottage, while still in my nightgown, I decided to click on the ‘Track Delivery’ option from the shipping confirmation I’d received from the company, and that’s when ‘what to my wondering eyes should appear’, but a notice saying that the item was on the truck for delivery TODAY!
So – my original plans for today – to walk the beach, enjoy coffee on my deck, work on my newest OCD kick of trying to organize everything in my cottage, read a bit, write a bit, walk some more – were swept away (like the giant cobweb on my deck roof skylight needs to be swept away), and I sprung into action.
‘Sprung’ is a relative term here, just so you realize….it may not seem to a younger person that I was doing any springing at all, but I was, at least in my own mind.
I pulled on some clothes, grabbed my backpack of essentials (my computer, iPad and phone) threw my purse over my shoulder, made sure the cottage doors were locked, and headed out for the half hour drive home.
When I get to town should I stop at Tim Horton’s for coffee? Better not – I don’t want to miss the delivery man.
So I made coffee at home – still Tim Horton’s but from the bag of coffee I bought there last week – and I’ve had two cups already, but still no sign of Mr. Purolator.
I hope he arrives soon.I’d like to tackle putting the desk together today (in the online information it says it takes 2 adults 1 hour to assemble it so I’m pretty sure I could do most of it alone in only 10 or 11 hours!)
My sister-in-law, Faye, has actually offered to help me, and if I have any common sense left at all I will take her up on that offer as she is a desk-in-a-box assembly magician.
She ‘helped’ me put my last desk together just a month or so ago – although if truth be told she did most of the work – I watched and measured and held pieces when told to and offered words of encouragement during the assembly and praise at the end and I learned a lot during the project but whether I retained any of that knowledge is debatable at the very best and doubtful at the very least.
So – why do I need two desks, you ask?
Great question, I say – shows you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve written. Thank you.
I bought a new desk for home this spring because I decided to turn a spare bedroom on the main floor of my house into an office and needed a desk for that. I have an old metal desk in the downstairs office/craft room, but that desk is huge and I’m going to re-home it to my son for his place. Win-win.
I like my main floor office with the desk and chair and small electric fireplace that will help to keep me cozy this winter while I’m working at the desk. 

In fact, I like it so much that I’ve decided I need an office area at my cottage, too. I’m going to turn one of the three bedrooms there into an office/music room so that I have a place to store the instruments and stands and amplifier I usually have there with me – get them out of the living room space – plus I’ll have a dedicated writing place for…writing.
Over the next few years I hope to spend a lot more time at my cottage, and sitting at the kitchen table there to write is no longer comfortable for me – my shoulders and neck and back scream at me in protest within just a few minutes of plunking my bum down to work on a computer.
So I found a desk online (on sale, too), that I like and think will be perfect for….home.
Yep. The desk that is being delivered today will actually have its home in my office here, and I’ll take the new one from here to the cottage to use.
I’m a complicated little woman.
Now all I need to do is figure out how to get the assembled desk (it weighs about 80 pounds, I think), from here into my car to take to the cottage and how to get it up the steps into my cottage once I do get it there, and how to get the double mattress and box spring out of the bedroom there so that I can turn the space into an office, and figure out what I’ll do with the mattress and box spring once I get them out of the room…
DancingLife is a dance, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s a cha-cha, sometimes a waltz, sometimes a polka that twirls me in circles so quickly that I almost trip over my own feet.
I wonder what today’s dance will end up being and if I’ll get through without falling to the floor?
Stay tuned. And thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Waiting For Mr. Purolator

  1. Gawd you’re a hard working woman. I just think about theses things then open the book I’m reading until the thought leaves me!

  2. those delivery guys can show up at the most inopportune times … hope he gets there by suppertime 😉

    1. He did! Was almost 4:30, I think…but that’s okay. At least it arrived in time for me to get back to the cottage, since I left there this morning without packing anything so didn’t want to stay in town overnight.
      Assembly early next week I hope…

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