IMG_0306The local forecast warned that snow would begin this afternoon and continue overnight and into tomorrow morning, and I thought it would be a good idea to get my walk in before the latest ‘winter event’ began, but the forecast was wrong on one count – the snow began falling this morning instead of waiting for a more decent time – such as ten o’clock tonight – to arrive and cover the ground.

I decided to go for a walk anyway. 

A couple of weeks ago I bought a pair of ‘trekking’ poles and I’ve been using them on trekking polesmost of my walks since I brought them home from the store and learned how to adjust them to fit me, so I bundled up today in warm boots, hat, gloves and jacket with a hood, donned a backpack and my wallet in case I stopped to buy any storm chips fresh veggies while I was traipsing around town, grabbed my poles and headed out into the winter wonderland. 

I live in a area of town that is sheltered because of all the trees around the homes here, so weather can be deceiving – it can be calm with gently falling snow by my home while only a five-minute walk away the wind can whip the snow into frozen-water needles that stab faces and legs and leave so many water marks on my eye glasses that I feel as if I’m walking underwater.

What I’m saying is that my walk quickly turned from peaceful and soul-soothing to ‘oh my goodness, this must be how early settlers felt when they became lost far from home in a snow storm’. 

But I persevered and kept walking, because by this time I was at the Waterfowl Park, heading along the trail toward the highway, which then leads to steps up to the closed-for-the-season Tourist Information Bureau which is at the end of a street that leads to – Tim Hortons!

For my non-Canadian friends who aren’t familiar with this chain of coffee shops called Tim Hortons – or more commonly simply referred to as ‘Tims’ – we Canucks love our Tims’ coffee and going there in a snow storm in order to enjoy a ‘medium black’ is considered well-worth putting up with being a little bit wet and cold and snowy. The shop wasn’t quite as busy today as it is on a bright summer afternoon, but I was certainly not the only fool Canadian coffee lover there.

When I arrived and walked through the door, covered in snow and with my trekking poles in my hand, a man in the coffee line-up turned around and saw me and immediately quipped, “What happened – did you lose your skis?”

This cracked me up. I love when a man has a quick wit and I was tempted to sidle up to this stranger and ever-so-politely inquire if he was in a committed relationship….but instead I simply smiled at him and said, ” Yes, I did!”, and we both grinned.

Then I found an unoccupied booth and proceeded to remove my wet outer clothing before queuing up to order my Tims’ delights of the day.

IMG_0303Today I was fortunate that the local Tims had Clam Chowder on its menu, so I ordered the soup meal – which was soup, half a bun, a coffee and a doughnut or cookie (I chose an oatcake – my favourite Tims’ cookie), and returned to my booth without the quick-witted stranger to enjoy my lunch.

It was tasty and it warmed my bones.

Then it was time to bundle up and make the decision whether to call a taxi to drive me home or strike out walking again. Glutton-for-punishment that I am, I chose to walk.

This time I walked down Main St, not sure if I’d continue through the town to get home or go back through the Waterfowl Park via the main entrance by Mt. Alison University.

If I walked through town I could pick up the storm chips fresh veggies I’d been thinking about and I could check my mailbox at the Post Office, but when I came to the park entrance I decided to trek through the park instead and get home before the storm became worse and walking became really treacherous. 


I arrived home, safe and sound, albeit snow-covered and wet once again, and my clothes are now drying out to be ready for another winter walk tomorrow. 

And me? I’m going to change into the comfy lounge-jammies that my daughter gave me for Christmas and then I’m going to find something to watch on Netflix while the snow swirls around outside tonight. 

IMG_0255 (3)

Hope you’re all safe and warm and cozy. Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Snow? What Snow? We Still Go To Tim Hortons!

  1. Unfortunately Tim’s is too far from our place to walk to, but close enough to drive to – with great frequency. I am an Iced Capp fanatic – winter or summer. I can tell you which Tim’s in our town (and there are 5 of them) makes the strongest one, and which one fills the cup the highest. Which one usually forgets I ordered it made with milk and uses cream instead…

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried the Iced Capp…maybe I’ll have to! I drink my coffee black – no cream or sugar (the occasional bit of Bailey’s in it, maybe, but difficult to get that at Tim’s…LOL).

  2. Nothing like a healthy supply of storm chips, I mean fresh veggies, I always say. Sounds like you had a great day! We ended up with about 6 inches on snow last night. You?

    1. Not sure, exactly – I would guess about 15 cm overall…not too bad in the big scheme of things as far as winter storms go.
      And even though I didn’t buy ‘storm chips’ I did find a bag of ‘storm cheesies’ in my pantry, so made good use of those last night while I watched ‘Suits’ on Netflix…LOL

  3. Loved your mental processing while walking Sylvia. I always seem to have mental conversations with myself when walking my dogs. Of course I don’t always use nice words because one of them doesn’t like to get her feet wet and plays road kill in the middle of the street hoping I will pick her up and carry her (which I won’t!). It has more to do with stubborn than cold.
    So-o-o jealous of your lunch at Tim Horton’s. They abruptly closed all of the TH’s in southern Maine. I am so bummed! Good coffee, best donuts and good sandwiches ~ not fair!
    Enjoy your snowy walks… and your Tim Horton excursions.

  4. Sylvia, you may remember seeing one of my paintings titled ALWAYS FRESH – it shows a Tim Horton’s (not the one in Sackville though) in the middle of a snowstorm, with the roads unplowed and snow piled a foot and a half deep everywhere – yet SOMEHOW there were cars who made it to TH … now that’s what you call dedication – or addiction 😉
    Oh, and how did I happen to see this scene in the first place ? – good question … like my somewhat younger sister did today, I was out walking in the snowstorm – for enjoyment no less !! LOL
    Genetic trait perhaps?

    1. Possibly – if one of us is crazy there’s a good chance the other one is at least ‘slightly’ inclined to be that way – You’re the former and I’m the latter, of course…hehehe.

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