Sunday Snaps

Had a busy week this week…two family birthdays mixed in with all the regular stuff going on during the week plus still adjusting to the fall time change means I haven’t accomplished much at all lately. So many good intentions and plans made but no follow through…story of my life, especially these last few years.

But a few days ago I took a drive to Woodpoint (a small community just outside of the town I live in), to check on land I own there…and on my drive I saw the most breath-taking colourful fields that I actually pulled my car over and stopped for a good look.

Once again, of course, I left home without my camera so could only snap a few pictures with my phone, which means that the picture quality isn’t as good as it would have been with a camera, but I still think it’s worth sharing these pics with you. Aren’t the colours wonderful? Fall is such a gorgeous season where I live….








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