My Mother’s Kitchen


My mother died July 24, 2005, age 76. She was a woman of many talents, from sewing and knitting to singing and playing the keyboard. She also knew her way around the kitchen.

Mom loved serving home-cooked meals to her family and friends, and they enjoyed eating them.  Her style was neither ‘haute cuisine’ nor ‘restaurant-elegant’, but it was mouth-watering, smell of fresh-bread-from-the-oven, cinnamon-and-cloves-pumpkin-pie good; it was food that you savoured from first bite to last morsel. From her early days as a young wife and mother cooking potato scallop and baked beans for church suppers, to her later years serving Radio Pudding and Rainbow Squares to her grandchildren, mom was a star in the kitchen.

I recently began sorting through her collection of hand-written recipes I’ve been saving since her death, and reading them not only brought back many happy memories to me but also inspired me to capture these recipes in a collection I could share with others.

 So, enjoy these recipes when you try them out—I make no guarantees about the results you’ll have following them in your own kitchen with your own measuring spoons and cups, but I do know that when mom put wooden spoon to mixing bowl, the results were not only a feast for the eyes and appetite, but also food for the soul.

Links to recent recipes:  


5 thoughts on “My Mother’s Kitchen

  1. A great picture of your mom. Reading the blogs brings back many wonderful memories duringvisits to Sackville. Next summer,I and two of my former classmates (they will drive ~ safer for everyone)are planning a visit to Sackville. It can’t come soon enough.
    Keep writing. Bev

  2. nice blog about your mom sylvia! we are all strong, talented and compassionate because of our great mothers who raised us. hope you’re doing great. i love reading your blog.

  3. What a nice tribute to your mother! She reminds me of my own mom, who passed in late 2007. She, too, loved to treat friends and family to special treats from her kitchen. I very recently started my own food blog (, with my mom’s spirit in my heart, so this post of yours spoke to me. By the looks of your blog, you are very good at it. I like the look of it – Kudos. And congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

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