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  1. I had occasionally been “grabbed” by Jigsaw puzzles but usually when I was foolish enough to pick one of 500 pieces or more would pick one with lots of differentiated pieces, so I had a general idea where each piece went. I see some very patient Seniors who work on one of the large puzzles, where there is little differentiation between pieces, for days then flip it over and do it upside down. Not for me.

    I used to buy puzzles from Goodwill stores, designed for kids, with 100 pieces or less, so I could complete them in 10 or 15 minutes. Some of them I even returned and exchanged for others. Sometimes I gave them away to friends. A good way to deal with all the frustrations of modern life. I even did some of them 3 or 4 times.

    Then I discovered all the free jigsaw puzzle sites on the internet, where I had been spending far too much time. Some of the computer time was business related but lots of it was for non productive activities that were becoming addictive. Yesterday I think I did over 50 of the online puzzles of 48 to 60 pieces to the exclusion of almost anything else productive. One of the sites even shows you the fastest times, the average times and my time. Usually I was about 1.5 times the average speed but who cares, it was fun and super satisfying each time I completed one.

    It certainly is a free and pleasant waste of time and maybe a way of preventing Alzheimers and better than some of the more negative addictions one can practice. But it does keep one from getting some more healthy form of physical exercise.

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