Short Fiction

“Needs.”   Wild East Vol. 2. No. 3 and Salamanca No. 3 Chapbook

“Wages of Sin.”  Wild East.  Salamanca No. 3 Chapbook

“Short Journeys.”  The Pottersfield Portfolio

“Ashes to Ashes.”  The Pottersfield Portfolio

“Humorist.” Canadian Author 

“Talk to Me” Canadian Writer’s Journal


“You   Do Not Know Me”   The Pottersfield Portfolio Volume 9

“Compromise”  The Pottersfield Portfolio “The Children’s Edition

“Requiem”  The Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature. No. 11.  Solstice 2–the Truth and Fictions of Ageing

“Close Cover Before Striking”  Poetry Halifax Dartmouth No. 27

“I Dream in Colour”  Poetry Halifax Dartmouth No. 27

“Ticklefish” Chickadee Magazine

“For Scott or Kathleen” The Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature; Pregnancy Loss Issue

“Gifts” Inner Visions, Outer Voices; an Anthology of Cape Breton Poetry

Creative Non Fiction

“The Many Phases of Undying Love.”  The Atlantic Advocate Feb. 1990

“Plagiarism in the Home” Canadian Writer’s Journal


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