Everything I Needed To Know In 2015 I Learned On Facebook – Final Post

When you see my name come up in your WordPress or Facebook or Twitter feed and you see the title – “Everything I Needed To Know…” do you cringe? Have you had enough? Are you fed up to your eyeballs with ‘Let’s review the past year because we’re too scared to move forward with the present year’? 

If you are, you might be happy to read that this is my last post summarizing the things I shared on Facebook in 2015! After today, I’ll only write about the current important or not-so-important thoughts that enter my head. Yay!

To finish recapping my status updates from last year here are ones that I’ve categorized into “Rules For Living”. I thought of other possible titles for this list but Rules For Living seemed to… RULE! 

So here are ‘Rules For Living’ as taken from some of the Facebook posts I shared last year:

2015 Review 1

2015  24

2015  40

2015  44

2015  33

2015  76

2015  98

2015  104

2015  120

2015  110


2015  26

2015  31

2015  32

2015 103

2015  37

2015  46

2015  35

2015  50

2015  85

2015  88

2015  60

2015  79

2015  84

2015  115

2015  121

2015  124

Do you have your own “Rules For Living”? Do you have mantras you practice every day or guidelines you absolutely won’t compromise as you journey through life? I’d love to hear about them if you’d care to share them with me.

Thanks so much for stopping by  – hope to see you again soon.



7 thoughts on “Everything I Needed To Know In 2015 I Learned On Facebook – Final Post

  1. All good rules to live by. I’ve been a big fan of the “Four Agreements” ever since I read the book. Hard to live by sometimes, but always something to aim for.

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