I can’t say for sure about the rest of you (well, I could, although you might not be ready to hear it), but I am aging.

Every day that I continue to live is a day that I become closer to death. Hopefully I’ll keep going until I’m well into old age – as long as I remain fairly healthy and maintain my faculties I’d be okay with that – but there is no doubt in my mind that the body that stared back at me from the mirror this morning is not the one I had when I drifted off to sleep last night. Okay – that’s an exaggeration – it might have been more like last Wednesday night that everything changed….or maybe last month…or one Friday a few years ago- likely a Friday the 13th!

But regardless of when the changes began, they are increasing now at what seems to be warp-speed. And in my mind warp-speed should only be used to describe how quickly I’d like to travel from one planet to another, not how quickly my body wrinkles and droops and grows stray hairs in random places where stray hairs should not be grown.

But my brain – the way I think about the world, the jokes that I find amusing, the stories and events that bring me to tears, the sensual and sexual feelings I have that make me want to be held and caressed and loved, the thirst for knowledge and the desire to learn new skills and new ways of expressing myself – all of these things are still me – the way they have been me forever, I imagine. The internal Sylvia hasn’t changed nearly as much as has the external one – the one that everyone sees as a sixty-somethng woman with white hair and the beginning of cataracts.

Throughout 2015, I found funny/accurate/poignant/thoughtful posts on Facebook that I’ve put into a category I call AGING, and I would like to share some of them with you. I hope you enjoy them – if nothing else it might brighten your day to realize that thank goodness you’re not as old as are some of the characters depicted in the clips.

2015  53

2015  126

2015  58



2015  59

2015 Review 13

2015  97


2015  21

2015  99

2015  47

2015  114

2015  100

2015  55

2015  52

2015  39

2015 Review 18

2015  62

2015  54

2015  29


2015  22

2015  30

2015  69


So there you have it – thoughts about aging that I shared on Facebook in 2015. Makes me wonder if there will be any new clips about getting older that I’ll want to post this year. Time will tell – if I keep waking up every morning in 2016 I’m pretty sure I’ll come across ones that I’ll want to share. That’s just who I am and what I do!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon. 


5 thoughts on “Everything I Needed To Know In 2015 I Learned On Facebook – Part 4

  1. I can relate to every single one, especially age might slow me down, but not shut my mouth. The one about the breasts made me laugh so hard I snorted my peach tea at 5:10 am which woke the cat. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Please give my apologies to your cat! LOL.
      I came up with the ‘breast’ idea one day in the fall and thought it might be cute enough to share on FB – and it seems to have struck the funny bone of quite a few people.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Getting older can be a bitch–but we’re all in this together Sylvia! No one is getting any younger that’s for sure–we can “side set” many things and we can have a positive attitude but when it comes right down to it–we’re all going in the same direction! enjoy the ride!

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