When I got up today I decided to check the weather before I headed out for a mid-morning appointment, and it said there was no snow in the forecast- YAY – and the temperature would be a crisp -26 Celcius with the windchill taken into account – WTF?

Anyway, out I went and I was surprised to find that it really didn’t seem overly cold, mostly because the breeze in my normally-breezy town was abnormally not-breezy at all. So back to YAY!

By the time I finished my appointment and completed the errands on my list for today – well, all the errands I felt like completing on my list for today, because really, do they actually ever ALL get finished? – I decided to stop at a local Tim Horton’s and enjoy a cup of coffee and an oatcake. 

And it was while I was sipping my coffee that I realized it could be a lovely afternoon to go for a winter walk in the park I enjoy so much. 

So I came home and changed into warmer leggings and added a cami under the top I had on to try to keep my core cozy, grabbed a pair of mittens, wrapped a scarf around my neck a few times, and headed to the park to see what the trails looked like.

My biggest fear in the winter is that I’ll slip on a patch of ice while I’m out and will crash to the ground, breaking a hip or an ankle or a wrist along the way, so I was a bit nervous about walking the snow-covered trails without knowing if there might be ice under the powder. But I was careful and took a bit longer than I usually do to walk my route and didn’t have any trouble. There were a few icy patches but the new winter hiking-type boots I bought in November have great grips on them and worked really well today and were definitely worth the money they cost me. So – another YAY!

I snapped a few pictures with my phone during my walk this afternoon to share with you, and I’ll post them here – but just before I do that – if anyone had told me a year ago that I would be out walking in the Waterfowl Park or in ANY park, in January in New Brunswick, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed at the absurdity of the thought – and yet, here I was, in January in New Brunswick, walking in a beautiful park, enjoying a cold but sparkling afternoon. Yay, one more time, right?

Since you’ve been patient with me and read through my post, I’ll now share the pictures I took today:

IMG_0283 (2)IMG_0259IMG_0260IMG_0261 (2)IMG_0262 (2)
IMG_0264 (2)IMG_0271 (2)IMG_0268 (2)IMG_0272 (2)IMG_0266 (2)IMG_0281 (2)IMG_0278 (2)IMG_0281 (2)IMG_0277 (2)IMG_0285 (2)IMG_0276 (2)IMG_0274 (2)IMG_0273 (2)

Isn’t the scenery gorgeous on a winter’s afternoon? Do you try to maintain your regular walking routines no matter what the weather is like where you live?

Thanks so much for stopping by and please drop in again when you have a chance.




13 thoughts on “Walking In A Winter Wonderland

  1. The trail looks just as pretty in the winter as it does in the spring 🙂
    I know I’ll sound crazy for saying this but I can’t wait for some snow to arrive here. To me that’s what winter is all about! I won’t be walking though, but maybe next year I’ll be saying that same as you! 😀

  2. The only walking I get done in the winter is to walk my dogs. They seem to have no sympathy for me when it comes to cold or snow or rain ~ they have to pee and I have to walk. My little princesses will not step outside the door without me, I cannot either tie them up or let them go on their own ~ if Mom doesn’t go outside, they don’t go outside. I have two Velcro dogs and a Velcro cat. I especially hate it when it is a cold and rainy day. All of this being said ~ my cardiologist loves that they are princesses and require me to go with!

  3. It was a gorgeous day for walking. I love the Waterfowl Park. I used to steal away for walks in the park (and all over town) when we were down visiting Allan’s dad.

    1. It is a lovely spot, and right in town, which is a bonus! I managed to walk it again late this afternoon after band practice, and it was so refreshing. And I’m sure my legs get more of a workout walking through snow etc than they do when I walk there in the summer.

  4. I took advantage of the great sun shine today to Sylvia! Traced out a track for my dog and I to go out cross country skiing behind my house. The pictures you took are glorious–we are just so darn lucky to have such a gem in the middle of town!!

    1. We certainly are fortunate, Pat. Cross country skiing sounds like fun – I’m not sure my knees would stand up to that, but I am thinking of giving snow-shoeing a try this winter.

  5. Good for you !! … I’m also keeping up my walking program 😉 … I walk around the house, walk around the grocery store, walk around the yard … does that count? 😉

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