Everything I Needed To Know In 2015 I Learned On Facebook – Part 1

Over the last few days I’ve spent some time reflecting on life during this past year, and I realized that I have spent a LOT of time on the social media site Facebook. So I decided to browse through my 2015 FB status updates and share some of them again here with you, my blogging friends.

I’ve divided the updates into sections that I’ll share, starting with today’s section about LOVE.

Love – that elusive magical feeling that resonates in our hearts and occupies our minds.

The definition of the word ‘love’ may be difficult for people to agree on, and indeed it may even change in meaning for us, depending on the stage of life we’re currently in, our past experiences, our preconceptions and what we are searching for and open to at any given time.

Love can include the heady exhilaration of lust and the desire to consume and be consumed by its fires; it can be the gentle, comforting companionship of two older people content to be with each other without experiencing the jealousy and self-doubt that so often accompanies youthful love; and it can be anything in-between these two polarities or even something extending far beyond what I have known or witnessed in my life.

But I believe it is, without doubt, a basic human need that makes us long for it, search for it, gamble almost anything to have it and act in ways we would not normally act once we find it.

Below is a sampling from my 2015 Status Updates that I shared about LOVE – Things that I learned or that I already knew but liked being reminded of again or things that simply struck a chord with me.

Note: I have attributed the posts to the original authors whenever possible.

2015 Review 5



2015 Review 6


2015 Review 7

2015 Review 19


2015  127

2015  92

2015  25

2015  64

2015  77

2015  90


2015 Review 8

2015  91

2015 Review 11

2015  86


2015  113

2015 Review 9

Did any of these examples cause you to pause and think about the people you love or have loved? If they did, I hope the feelings you experienced were warm and fuzzy ones, perfect for this crisp January day.

Thanks for stopping by, and please come back again – Don’t be a stranger!




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