The Dreaded Cold/Flu Season Has Struck

I hate being sickI’ve been under the weather this past week – well, for almost an entire week. Feels like a month, though.

I’ve had chills, aches, a sore throat that made it seem as if I had razor blades stuck there every time I swallowed, a voice that wasn’t a voice but instead was barely a croak, a headache that was a cross between a migraine-from-hell and a sinus infection from – I don’t know – where would terrible sinus pain headaches come from – purgatory, maybe, a fever, chest congestion, zero appetite and did I mention that I felt like an enormous bag of pig poop?

I’ve certainly had better weeks.

But today I am beginning to feel slightly human again. Today I got dressed! Wow! A novelty. And today I sat in my livingroom for most of the afternoon AND made, from scratch, a hearty chicken vegetable soup for my supper. Okay – I got carried away when I sprinkled the sea salt into the liquid but other than it being a bit too salty, the soup hit the spot for me tonight. I couldn’t eat much of it but at least I did eat some – much better than most days this week, for sure.

Currier and IvesI missed out on a few things while I was lazing in bed – for example on Friday evening my town held a ‘Midnight Madness’ event where the local stores stay open late and offer Christmas gift shopping deals, music at the town’s Bandstand, visits from Santa Claus, hayrides, bake and craft sales and a general all-around atmosphere straight from a Currier & Ives postcard. I spent the evening swallowing down razor blades and coughing up two lobes from my left lung.

Saturday afternoon I missed a social event that I look forward to in December – a potluck turkey dinner and Yankee Gift Swap with a group of women who call themselves the ‘Bagtown Beauties’. While I tossed and turned in my bed, alternately piling blankets onto my frozen frame and then a few minutes later throwing off everything except my thick skin, the Bagtown Beauties shared laughs and drinks and stories and food and gifts. If I listened really hard I swear I could hear giggling and guffaws carried by the marsh breeze all the way across town to my house. Or perhaps I was delirious.

I did manage to go to my band’s inaugural Christmas show on Friday Hippopotamusafternoon. I was determined I wouldn’t be the first one from our group of four to have to cancel – and after all – if I wasn’t there who would have played the bells and the shaker eggs and ukulele and sung ‘I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas’!

I made sure that I didn’t get close enough to any of the residents or to my bandmates to spread my germs, and by 6 pm I was back in my nightie, in bed, shivering once again.

I’m not looking forward to the next few months of flu bugs and cold viruses possibly invading my town and my house and my body, and I’m doing everything I can to stay healthy and out of their way, but they seem to be extremely sneaky bugs and viruses so I’m not sure how successful I’ll be trying to avoid them.

This winter I will have to go out – my little band is booked to play at three different nursing homes each month until May at least, and then there are weekly practices to attend, groceries to buy, hair to get cut, walking to be done in the park when the weather permits, coffee to sip at a local Tim Horton’s sometimes, perhaps visits to our town library, maybe even swimming at a nearby YMCA. Oh – and shows to watch with my brother and sister-in-law – we love British series and are currently watching an excellent one called Larkrise To Candleford, but we’re on that show’s last season so soon it will be time to choose another series to enjoy together.

I have wayyyyy too much to do this winter to be struck down again. So, colds and flu, be forewarned that you are not welcome anywhere near me anymore. Stay away. I really mean it.

sick teddy bearI’m sure that stern voice of mine will keep them at bay. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m heading back to bed, to blow my nose, cough up bits of my other lung, swallow down a few more razor blades and try to quiet the jackhammer in my head that is trying to burst through my skull.

Thanks for stopping by and remember – don’t be a stranger.



3 thoughts on “The Dreaded Cold/Flu Season Has Struck

  1. I have missed your posts ~ I’m so sorry you are sick! It’s an awful time of year to feel yucky, too many fun things going on. You did have me in tears for a minute there, mentioning Tim Horton’s. They just up and closed all of the Tim Horton’s near me in Maine! How dare they! I love Tim Horton’s! Who’s going to make my donuts right? And my coffee? Boo, hiss!! Enough about me ~ you get well quickly and tell those germs to take a hike you’ve got better things to do!!!

  2. Sorry you’ve been sick. It sounds awful. I’m fanatical about washing my hands these days. I really don’t want to get sick. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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