Foto Friday: Walking Journey – Moncton, New Brunswick

Last week I wrote about my daily walking routine – how I walk outdoors when the weather is conducive to that and indoors when it isn’t.

I mentioned that I use a Fitbit – there are other electronic tracking devices on the market and I only mention Fitbit because it is the one I use – to record the number of steps I walk, the number of kilometres I walk and the number of flights of stairs I climb, and that I use this device as a way of holding myself accountable for completing my daily and weekly goals.

At the end of each week – Monday to Sunday, in my case – my Fitbit crunches the numbers and lets me know how I did. Overall, week to week, I’m doing pretty good.

I also mentioned in my post that when I’m walking on my treadmill, sometimes ‘I imagine that I’m walking across my province, or across Canada, or even across North America‘, and that statement made me think that it might be fun for me to pretend that I really AM walking somewhere, and that I should track my progress and share it on my blog.

So I’ve decided that I will experiment and see how far I would get if I was actually trekking around the country on foot.

Once I decided to tackle this new project I had more decisions to consider. For example, should I pick my way around my province, wander through Canada, or amble across North America?

I decided to begin in Sackville, a small town nestled on the border between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and explore my province first. Then I may tackle my neighboring provinces and then the rest of Canada. If I live long enough and am able to keep walking, maybe I’ll make it to some US states – Arizona, or Georgia, or Rhode Island.

Time to begin.

When I checked my stats for last week ending Sunday, Nov 15, my Fitbit said that I had walked 52.91 Kilometres – approx 32.8 Miles  (1 Km = 0.621371 Miles).

That’s pretty respectable, right?

Here is a map of New Brunswick, showing Sackville close to the border of Nova Scotia, and not too far from Prince Edward Island. To begin my journey I’m heading north along Highway 2.


Google Maps states that the distance from Sackville, NB to Moncton, NB is 49.8 Km, so last week I made it to Moncton, a small city with a population of just over 69,000 residents.

Close-Up of Sackville to Moncton route.

I’ve actually lived in Moncton twice in my life – in 1972-73 and again from 1994-98, and I still drive up there fairly often – to shop for items that aren’t available at the shops in my small town, to see specialists or have particular tests done, to spend a weekend at one of its hotels as a treat, or to visit friends or attend a show.

Here are several photos of Moncton, and here is the link to Wikipedia that you can check out if you’re interested in learning more about this growing city in Canada’s only bilingual (English/French) province.


A panoramic view of Moncton’s skyline looking northeast from Riverview

The Capitol Theatre features live shows such as ballets, theatre, and symphony orchestras.
The Via Rail Moncton station in downtown Moncton offers transportation across eight Canadian provinces
The Bell Aliant Tower is the tallest structure in New Brunswick, and all four Atlantic provinces
Assumption Place in downtown Moncton is headquarters of Assumption Life.
The Central Business District of Moncton is home to many government and financial organizations
Magic Mountain Water Park is a popular tourist attraction during the summer months
An aerial photo of Metro Moncton showing “the Bend” in the Petitcodiac River which inspired early names for the city.
Magnetic Hill – where vehicles appear to go up the hill without using any form of power.


The Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre
The Université de Moncton is the only French-language university in New Brunswick.[
The Blue Cross CEntre is headquarters for Medavie Blue Cross
The Moncton Hospital

Thanks for traveling with me to Moncton, New Brunswick today. Wonder where I’ll end up the next time I share my walking progress.

Hope you stop by for a visit again soon. And remember – don’t be a stranger.




11 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Walking Journey – Moncton, New Brunswick

    1. Hi Jacob – thanks for stopping by for a visit. I popped on over to your blog, too, and like what I’ve read so far. Sounds as if you had an awesome trip to Georgia recently. Never been there but would love to go one day.
      I’ll be back to read more of your posts.
      Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

  1. Wonderful entry Sylvia! I remember “walking” with a group of seniors to the moon—actually it was seniors right across Canada that participated! We made it! I have the certificate somewhere!!

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