April Yard Work

I’m under the weather right now but that seems almost appropriate, as Mother Nature seems to be under the weather, too. I think she has a bad cold–how else could she explain my driveway and yard? Normally in April the people in my small Atlantic Canadian town don light jackets and sneakers and tackle the yard work that comes from having their lawns blanketed with snow all winter. 

But this April, unless we have a tremendous amount of rain and fog and sun and wind in the next couple of weeks, will almost certainly remain yard-work free for most of us. I wonder what this unusual weather will mean for the crocuses and daffodils and tulips and irises that normally pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, this time of year. Are they still sleeping, just waiting patiently for their turn in the sun? I hope so. Only time will tell, I suppose, and if Mother Nature knows, she isn’t saying anything.

The other day I promised a blogging friend that I would post a few pics of my yard for her to see, so here are ones I just took today.  Ta-da! 


I wonder if I could maybe rent a giant hair dryer and pay someone to aim it at all this snow. Wonder what that would cost a person. Hmmm.  I’ll let you know if I find such a thing–I’m pretty sure I would have neighbours interested in chipping in on the cost. Bye for now. 


8 thoughts on “April Yard Work

  1. Mother nature has been nasty since the middle of January. Too much snow this winter and now, spring has been cold and damp. Even as I write this comment in late June we have a fire in our furnace this evening. It’s just too uncomfortable without heat.

  2. Wow, you really weren’t kidding! I really feel for you, it should be getting warm and being sunny! I hope it will rain a lot over the next few weeks.. April showers bring May flowers! Think of how green everything will be. I know it probably feels light years away, but soon enough! In the meantime stay warm and enjoy Netflix 😉

  3. OH! Sylvia, this is just not fare. The snow should be gone by April. I hope the melt starts soon and the snow goes as quickly as possible without any flooding.

  4. LOL … now that’s a unique idea !! Maybe someone will see it as a good business opportunity – maybe the guys who do lawnmowing ? – it would give them a chance to extend their season, and I’m sure they’d have lots of customers !! 😉 … You may have really started something here 😉

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