Doncaster covered bridge at an entrance to the Waterfowl Park.
Doncaster covered bridge at an entrance to the Waterfowl Park.

I went for a walk early this evening–decided I should take advantage of the warm temperature this lovely fall evening offered, and I was not disappointed. I was even able to wear my comfy summer sandals and a light fleece jacket (and I also wore pants–don’t want you to get crazy ideas about me), but the point is I didn’t have to wear socks with my sandals (which apparently is not a good look, my daughter tells me).

Fall is usually quite nice here in my little corner of the world. Even though the days are shorter and the nights longer and cool the weather usually behaves and gives us lots of sunny days mingled in with the rainy ones that are so typical this time of year.

One of the best things about walking outdoors here in the fall is that by now most of the mosquitoes that made their homes here all spring and summer have now gone to wherever it is that mosquitoes go in October (Rio? Panama? To meet their maker?), so my evening walk was not punctuated by me slapping my arms or legs or the top of my head, and that is a definite bonus to me. From the number of other walkers I came across this evening I’d say being more-or-less mosquito-free is a bonus that most people here enjoy.

The Waterfowl Park where I walked is beautiful and I know that area residents are fortunate to have this natural wonder in our little town. Ducks are also fortunate to have this protected habitat for them and several of them quacked their agreement to me when I stopped to watch them from my boardwalk vantage point.

Well, that’s it for me tonight. I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful fall weekend wherever your little corner of the world is located and thanks so much for stopping by.

And come back again soon–don’t be a stranger!

Here are a few pictures I snapped this evening on my phone–next time I’ll try to remember to take my camera with me:

Fall Settles In
Fall settles in
Church From Waterfowl Park
One view from the boardwalk
Two Ducks Early Evening
I really don’t think we should keep swimming in circles
Follow Me
C’mon, follow me.
Duck Swimming
Honestly–I know where I’m going.
Waterfowl Park View of Church
Maybe we’ll head over there.






















11 thoughts on “Saturday Snaps

  1. During our weekly visits to see Allan’s dad at the nursing home, I would often sneak away for a walk on the Boardwalk. It was not only beautiful but soothing as well. You are indeed fortunate to have the Boardwalk in Sackville.

    1. Fall is definitely one of my four favorite seasons…Just kidding, although I do find it difficult to narrow down the four to a top one–anything but winter suits me just fine. I love spring and seeing the new buds pop up from the ground or appear on the tree limbs, and I love summer because I get to spend a lot of it at my cottage and walk the beach there every day, but I also love fall–love the changing colors, the invigorating smell of the crisp air and I admire how the plants know to prepare themselves for another long winter. Winter? Not my favorite season at all as I get older, although it can be extremely beautiful once the snow and frost arrive as long as I am inside with a hot drink and a cozy throw wrapped around me.

    1. Yes, bug free is definitely high on my list of what it takes for me to enjoy a walk around water and brush. The Waterfowl Park here is truly lovely and my pictures didn’t do it proper justice. Maybe I’ll go back today with my camera…I wonder if anyone would notice if I snapped the same views and replaced the phone pictures with them–I also wonder if I could ask those ducks to recreate their swimming display for me…

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