2100.jpgHere it is, the first Friday of October and what a gorgeous Friday it is. The sun is shining, the air is crisp and the trees in my area are turning the most glorious shades of red and orange and yellow. In fact, today is so lovely that I should be enjoying it on my cottage deck.

But I can’t do that today, for “I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep”. With credit to Robert Frost for that beautiful line of poetry.

“Promises?” you say.

Yes, today I promised myself that I would tackle at least a couple of  the tasks that have been blips on my “To Do” radar recently. Nothing too hard. Nothing that a 61-year-old out-of-shape woman couldn’t do on her own.

First on my list was to clean the lint out of my dryer’s outside vent. Sounded simple enough.

“Clean the lint out of the vent?” you say.

Yes. Who even knew that this is something that is supposed to be done more often than every five years? Not me, that’s for sure.

Luckily though my brother moved back to my area of the country and one day he discovered that his dryer’s outside vent was really clogged with a s*#t load lot of lint that was once likely socks and underwear and perhaps an occasional missing hand towel. So he cleaned the vent and my sister-in-law mentioned to me that I may want to do the same thing to mine as it was likely the reason my dryer has been taking FOREVER to dry my clothes and bedding and towels these last few years.

Good advice, for sure, and I try to listen to good advice, so this afternoon I grabbed a small green garbage bag, donned a pair of work gloves and tramped through the tall, dense vegetation that took over the back of my house this past summer, until I was close enough to the dryer vent to examine it.

The actual vent opening was covered by three louvers to allow for warm air to escape from the vent but still keep unwanted rodent-type visitors from entering my home via the vent. Very sensible.

I immediately noticed that the bottom louver on my vent was cracked in a couple of places and thought to myself, Self, be careful not to break the louver right off when you’re digging around in there to grab the lint.

And I was careful. Honestly, I was.

But the bottom louver, or fin or whatever that thing is called, snapped into three pieces the minute I began to poke around it. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Insert bad words here.

I pulled out about a trailer full a bit of lint from the vent then trekked back into the house, bag of lint and work gloves and pieces of broken louver in hand.

What to do. What to do.

“When in trouble”, my husband used to say, “rely on duct tape. Duct tape is your friend.”

Fortunately I keep a roll of plain silver duct tape in my kitchen odds-and-sods drawer and with it I managed to tape the louver together again, even going so far as to add a toothpick-splint to it good measure.

Back to the outside vent I went and I wiggled the sad-looking good-as-new louver into place. Perfect fit. My husband and Red Green and maybe even MacGyver would be proud of me.

I’m not sure how long this fin will hold, not sure if it will make it through even one Canadian winter, but for now it is doing its job–let dryer air out, not let unwanted visitors in.

Toothpick Splint
Toothpick Splint
One of these things is not like the others...
One of these things is not like the others…













One task completed, one hundred thousand more to go.

But first, I decided that I should check the latest news on Facebook; the world may have changed significantly since I was last plugged in to a social network.

And it had. In a good way. In a very good way. Very, very good.

Want to know what has changed? I just bet you do.

Well, one of my very favorite actors/entertainers is heading back to a small screen near me, and I couldn’t be more chuffed see how I’ve slipped in a British term in honor of said actor.

Yes, you read this correctly. According to a news report on Facebook, Hugh Laurie is going to star in an upcoming espionage drama based on John le Carre’s 1993 novel The Night Manager, and I am indeed chuffed to bits to read this. Chuffed to the highest order of bits. Blissfully chuffed to bits.

I could have stayed on the couch, being blissfully chuffed to bits, all afternoon, but I knew that I’d better get back to work on my list of jobs to tackle, so I did.  I feel I should mention, however, that this time it was a very chuffed 61-year-old woman who would be tackling the jobs.

Next week is ‘big garbage pick up’ in my neck of the woods, and I must have all of my big garbage at the curb by Monday morning, so I decided to begin the process of gathering up some of the useless junk items I am no longer chuffed with that clutter my home and garage and to drag said items to the curb.

I rolled out an old tire that belonged to a car I no longer own, a vacuum cleaner power nozzle that no longer has any power in its nozzle to vacuum, and two garbage bags of…well…garbage, from my garage.

By the time I plunked the garbage bags alongside the tire and power nozzle the afternoon was over and I had to head back into the house and get ready to go out with some family members for an evening of entertainment by local musicians who offered their time in support of a worthy cause.

In fact, I  just arrived back home from the event and am toddling off to bed soon, but I wanted to finish filling you in on my Friday before I call it a night.

The musical groups this evening were great to listen to and included fiddlers and step dancers as young as six and as old as — well, I’ll just say that quite a few of the entertainers were older than six. Much older. Much much older. Okay, old. But wonderful musicians.

Did I mention that Hugh Laurie is also a wonderful musician? No? Well, he is. And if he had been at the hall tonight to entertain the crowd in support of the worthy cause then I would have been chuffed to bits. Blissfully chuffed to bits. Very chuffed.

The End. Goodnight.

PS–did you count how many times in this post I used the word ‘chuffed’ and the word ‘very’. No? I didn’t either but I’m pretty sure it was more than six. Maybe a lot more than six. Probably very much more than six, and that makes me wonder if that is what feeling chuffed does to a person, makes them ignore all the writing rules that they normally follow.

Okay, now it’s really the end of my night. The very end. I’m sure you’ll be very chuffed that I’m finally going to bed and will not be using the words ‘chuffed’ or ‘very’ any more tonight.

So, goodnight from me. And remember, don’t be a stranger.



21 thoughts on “Dryer Lint, Hugh Laurie and Garbage, Oh My!

  1. Very chuffed to read this, I am. Still not sure how I missed it in my reader when it was posted. But I guess I’ll just chalk it up to the whims of WP. Anyway, most chuffed I found it now and very chuffed that you accomplished so much! Duct tape…..had to be invented by a man because they all swear by it!

    1. I’m chuffed to bits that you’re chuffed…LOL. Thanks for popping in for a visit. And yes, duct tape certainly comes in handy–I’ve read that some people even make clothing from duct tape, but I’m not ready for that yet…maybe a purse, but nothing else.

  2. I have to say that your day and chores that you were working on sounded like a bit from my life. I’m always working on some project, something always goes wrong and I’m constantly overworking my body; we are two of a kind 🙂

    I have some advice to offer and I do hope that you will take it. As you probably recall we had a dryer fire this year; please, please, please have someone take the front of your dryer off and remove the lint that collects UNDER your dryer. It builds up and that is what causes the fire, despite cleaning the trap in the dryer and the outside vent. I don’t want you to go thru what we went thru, or worse!!

    Ps.. Your writing has become very descriptive! I’ve always loved your writing and more so now 🙂

    1. Hi Ginger–thanks for the tip–the next time my son is here visiting I’ll ask him to have a really good look at my dryer. I can see lint in the trap that I can’t reach but thought maybe I could use a vacuum cleaner wand and suck it out…but maybe it would be best to take the whole front off (if we can figure out how to do that), and give it a really thorough cleaning. And thanks for your comment about my writing–I do hope that I will continue to evolve as a writer and the fact that you think my style has changed somewhat in the few years you’ve known me on cyber space is gratifying to hear. Looking forward to reading more of your posts again soon, too.

  3. I enjoyed the post. Sounds like it was a beautiful, but full day. Your resourcefulness and ingenuity would make McGyver proud. Take Faye’s advice. I am sure your brother would be more then happy to come over for coffee and at least supervisor you. lol

    1. Thanks, Mike…I’m lucky that I watched a lot of MacGyver shows when they were on…I just KNEW I would follow his lead at some point in my life. And you’re right, my brother is more than willing to lend me a hand when I need something…I’m just stubborn, that’s all.

  4. I enjoyed your post. In fact, I chuckled over your post, and I do like things that make me chuckle. Whatever did we do before the days of duct tape?

    1. Yes, Barb–I find that duct tape comes in handy for many different things…so glad you liked my post and that it made you chuckle. Would you say, perhaps, that you were ‘chuffed to bits’ with my post, or is that pushing it just a tad too far? LOL

      1. Actually, I would say I was “chuffed” with your post. I’ll definitely have to add that word to my vocabulary!

  5. Ha ha – great post! However, I fear I was was misquoted – I distinctly remember suggesting that you get your lil brudder to clean out that vent! 😉 He’ll not be chuffed to hear that you had to fight the lint monster yourself.

    1. Haha–you’re right, of course. I just don’t like to bug him for things that I figure I can do myself–am trying to save my chips to cash in on larger, manly-man things I need help with around here.

  6. Sylvia, It’s been a while, and I am so happy you are chuffed. Duct tape IS the answer to almost every issue. Have a great weekend. This was acute post.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and for commenting, Linda. Yes, I’ve been sporadic this year with posting but am going to try to make it part of my regular routine again. And I’m chuffed to bits that you are happy that I’m chuffed…LOL

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sharon…yes, chuffing to right of me, chuffing to left of me, chuffing in front…(my sincere apologies to Lord Tennyson)…a lot of chuffing indeed.

      Glad that you’re looking forward to seeing Hugh again–I heard that good taste is genetic…LOL

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