One More Day

Sometimes poems sneak up on me, like a surprise thunderstorm on a sultry July day. That’s what happened this morning–I woke up with a possible poem line in my head–“If I could have one more day with you”. So here it is, still ragged and rough round its edges but determined to see life today on my blog. Thanks for reading.


One More Day

If I could have one more day with you
I would hold your hand tightly and not let it go
I would nestle against you
Glide on our swing to the beat of your heart
Dance to the tune of your smile

If I could have one more day with you
I would walk beside you on a sunlit beach
Carve our names into cliffs
I would swim in the sea of your bedroom eyes
Offer safe harbor in storms

If I could have one more day with you
I would study your hair as it falls on your forehead
And curls at the nape of your neck
I would memorize scars on your face and your chest
And would breathe in your scent
To store deep in my lungs

If I could have one more day with you
I would tattoo the sound of your voice on my skin
Catch its rhythm and cadence in ink
I would plead for more time, beg the gods for one mercy
Throw my soul on the fire if they’d promise you’d stay
I would whisper my love that runs deeper than death
I would plan our reunion
On far-away stars

If I could have one more day with you
If I could have one more day
If I could have one more
If I could have one
If I could

What about you–what would you do if you could have one more day with that special person? I’d love to know. Thanks again for reading.


19 thoughts on “One More Day

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting ‘Let’s Cut The Crap”–easier days would be great for all of us, wouldn’t they? But I think it’s good for me to write about grief…may help me and who knows, may even help somebody else. Now I have to catch up on your China experiences…sounds as if you had an awesome time. (Much better than spending your days in a rocking chair, for sure!)

      1. I do believe writing about our grief gradually eases some pain.

        I’m pleased you’re taking the time to catch up on my China trip. Pleased and tickled. Thank you, Sylvia.

  1. I see nothing ragged here except the emotions is brings out. I see nothing rugged here except the strength of the writing. I thoroughly enjoyed this though I don’t usually go for verse. This pulled me right in!

    1. A Prompt Reply–thanks so much for your comments…I wondered if this poem would have any appeal to people who don’t usually read poetry so it is nice to hear that you did enjoy (not sure that’s the right word here) it. I try to write poetry and prose that sounds like a conversation with a close friend–sometimes I think I succeed and sometimes I know that I don’t. Maybe this time I did. Thanks for popping in and taking the time to chat with me.

  2. Sylvia, the imagery is beautiful, and the aching haunts me. I love
    “tattoo the sound of your voice on my skin.”

    1. Thanks Linda. I think it’s good for me to capture my thoughts with imagery–part of the grieving/healing process that I seem to have to go through. Glad you stopped by and left a comment. Thank you so much for your support.

  3. Sylvia, I don’t know that I’ve read a poem of yours before. It is rich and pure and straight from the heart. Thank you for reaching inside and sharing it with us. As painful as some moments can be, it is evidence of the love stories that have gratefully been written on our hearts and will be there for all eternity.

    1. Carol, thanks so much for dropping in and for your lovely comments. It’s nice to hear that this poem spoke to you. And I agree with you that love stories are written on our hearts and I am thankful for that. Hugs.

  4. Sylvia your words are beautiful…so touching and raw with feeling. As life slows a little in retirement I find myself able to be more mindful and appreciate moments as they occur…your poem reminds me of how important it is to do so.

    1. Nancy–thanks for your kind words. And you’re right–we all need to appreciate the moments as they occur because we never know when they might end. I’m really happy that you are having a chance to enjoy your well-deserved retirement and this gorgeous summer weather.

    1. Thanks, Maureen…I missed my blogging friends and decided it was definitely time to jump back into this. I may change the focus of my some of my posts but hope they will still appeal to readers and blogging friends.

      Thanks for popping in and leaving such a thoughtful comment. Hugs.

  5. very nice … thought-provoking … I know what I would do with my ‘one more day’ – we’d have a couple lobsters, a bottle of wine, and spend the whole day just talking … and then fall asleep in each other’s arms, with our legs entwined as we always did … if only … if …

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