Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme is “Window”, and the rules state that I can interpret this to mean anything I want, so naturally, I’m stepping outside the box (but not outside my home cause it’s freezing rain out there), for my picture challenge.

An old proverb says, “The eyes are the window to the soul”, basically suggesting that if you look deep into a person’s eyes you will be able to see what that person is really like on in the inside. So here is a picture of my eyes–what can you see there? Who am I? Am I good? Am I evil? A mixture? Do I laugh a lot? Do I cry? Do I hold fears deep inside me? Would I keep your secret if you shared it with me? Would I dance under the stars or skinny-dip in the light of a full moon? Would you trust me to take your cash deposit to the bank or would I run away with it, laughing hysterically while I jump into my get-away car? Would I be somebody you’d like to chat with over a cup of coffee or a glass of vino?

What can you tell about me from my eyes–and no, you don’t get to comment on the wrinkles around them, either, so take that out of your mind and the picture right now–imagine they are not there…focus only on my eyes…stare at them for a bit….you are getting sleepy…very sleepy…No, wait, that’s another post for another day…


Happy 2014 everybody. And don’t be a stranger.


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