Here She Comes Again

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Here I am again, with another attempt to be a good little blogger and do what I keep promising I will do–and that is to blog again on a regular basis the way I used to.

I can certainly empathize with smokers who have resolved to quit that habit but have trouble sticking to their resolutions and have to begin the quitting process over and over and over again, each time hoping that this time will be the last time, that this time when the ashtrays are emptied and washed and dried and tucked away into the uppermost reaches of the hall closet they will never be hauled down to be used again.

That’s me–except that instead of being a smoker I’m a blogger, and instead of having trouble sticking to a resolution to quit something, my resolution is actually to blog more often than I have thus far this year, but each time I’ve declared that ‘This is it, folks–be prepared to read at least ONE blog post from me each week’,  thus far I have failed miserably.

It’s not that I’ve been idle while I haven’t been blogging, and that’s good–gives me lots of new ideas and subjects to chat about with you.

So where to start?

Well, tonight yours truly is going to be a guest on a local radio program called At The Kitchen Table, a program where the hosts interview local people they think are interesting or at least passionate, about what they do….

Actually–the interview is on now so I’m going to go listen to it and will write more after it finishes…..I hope I don’t sound terrible!


5 thoughts on “Here She Comes Again

  1. Wow, being on the radio sure sounds like a lot of fun! How did it go? I see that another one of your readers was able to hear it and she said it was great! I hope you had a good time.
    It’s hard to write regularly, believe me, I’ve been there a lot of times. I always wanted to be more frequent with my posting, and like you, I’d say I would be, but then I wasn’t able to be. That’s okay though, it will all work it’s way out and then one day you’ll just be filled with things to write about 🙂 Hopefully, now will be your time because we haven’t really “caught up” since I returned, but if not, I will be here waiting (and I suspect most, if not all, of your other readers will be patiently waiting, too.)
    Have a great day!

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