Two Steps Forward, One Step Back and Sometimes Just Standing Still


Hi there,

Rather than just jump into a new post today, I do feel that I owe an explanation to you, my wonderful followers and readers, as to where I have been since I disappeared from the blogging world in May.

Would you believe that I have been extremely busy planning a take-over of a Fortune 500 company , or that I suffered a concussion and forgot that I had a blog to maintain, or that I was temporarily placed in a witness-protection program and had to change my name and move to a remote village in northern Alberta,  or that I was abducted by aliens soon after my last post and only dropped back to earth yesterday?

I didn’t think you would. But the make-believe reasons for my recent absence are so much more interesting than the pitiful truth, which is simply that I hit a roadblock in the spring and it has taken me this long to figure out whether to either maneuver over or around it or abandon that particular road completely and take a new route.

After a lot of procrastination my middle name I ultimately decided that I don’t want to give up my blogging world and my blogging friends but I do need to write more posts that reflect the reality of who I am today–a woman who is still struggling to find balance and meaning in her life as a widow, a woman who calls herself a writer but is often paralyzed by the sight of a blank screen, a woman who is sad and happy and sorrowful and full-of-joy and pensive and cheerful and angry and calm all in the same day–sometimes all in the same hour!

Magellan Blazer12 GPS Receiver.

I have no map to show me the best roads to take in my journey and no GPS to advise me when I need to “Recalculate Route”, so I’m going to fly by the seat of my pants and hope that I manage to capture my navigation of the bumps and potholes and cracked pavement on this winding path we call life in such a way that others will want to share the journey with me. 

I love to write humorous posts and will continue to do that here, but I also want to tackle life moments and events such as sadness and grief and write about them with an honesty that I’ve avoided previously. Not every cloud has a silver lining, nor every story a happy ending, but that doesn’t mean those stories aren’t worth telling, and I promise to try really hard not to be overly dramatic or maudlin when I share them with you. In fact, I’ll try to let the stories tell themselves.

Well, that’s enough rambling for today, though. I hope that what I’ve said makes some sense to you and that you will decide to follow my newly named blog.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and please take a moment to complete the short poll at the bottom of the page.



13 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back and Sometimes Just Standing Still

  1. I am glad you decided to reappear so I could find you ! I think your new approach on here will be alot more honest and alot more helpful to people in your same situations. Therefore, I bet you find you get alot more out of it than you did just concentrating on the humourous aspects of things (though humour is always welcome and a good way to ease tension as we all know). Have been going back and forth in here reading quite a few of your old posts and newer posts. I am enjoying them all. Hope you keep on writing…you have much to offer!

  2. SO glad to learn you weren’t abducted by aliens. That was kind of what my thought were when you hadn’t updated. 😉 Glad to have you back, Sylvia, since I’ve just recently found your blog. We’re “neighbours” after all.

    While humour is good, sometimes we need to step away from it a little and write what our hearts tell us to. Looking forward to following. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Laura; I’m also rather happy not to have been abducted by aliens,although just think of the stories I’d have after that experience! I’ve been following your blog and who knows–maybe one day we’ll have a chance to meet at a Maritime writer’s event. That would be great. 😀

  3. Glad to see you back, Sylvia. I really do understand that roller coaster of emotions, though the challenges I’ve faced this past year probably pale in comparison to your loss.
    I also hope your blogging break has helped you to understand where you want to go and how you might get there!

    1. Hi Margie–thanks for your lovely comment. I have been putting a lot of thought into my future but as yet haven’t figured anything much out. Maybe blogging about it will also help this.

  4. Love it !! The new look, the new direction, the photo at the top of the page … this new writing speaks of a new level of maturity that comes from real self-introspection, without resorting to one-liners or wise-cracks which sidetrack the real emotion behind the words … just good honest writing, from the heart … Love it !!

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