Rip Van Winkle Is Awake!

Life size bronze of Rip Van Winkle sculpted by...
Life size bronze of Rip Van Winkle sculpted by Richard Masloski, copyright 2000. Located between the Town Hall and the Main Street School. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy New Year! What? What do you mean it’s already Jan 21? When did that happen?

I shut my eyes for a little nap and next thing I know an entire month has disappeared on me, and it makes me wonder exactly when I became Rip Van Winkle.

You remember Rip–he was that guy in a short story who fell asleep one afternoon and woke up twenty years later to find out that his nagging wife had died, his children had grown up and many of his friends had moved away from the village or been killed in the American Revolutionary War.

The author of Rip Van Winkle, Washington Irving, probably wrote the short story as a cautionary tale about what happens to lazy people who like to take naps, but I think that Rip knew the value of an afternoon siesta during a time in history when nobody else thought it was beneficial to sleep away part of the day (plus, by giving in to the sleep fairy he managed to avoid a war, with all its drama and casualties).

However, other than napping and being a tad on the slothful side, I don’t think old Rip and I have much in common.

First and foremost, he was male and I am female; he had a nagging wife whereas I am a widow; he was loved by everyone in his village, especially the children–I would hesitate to claim that all the people in my town love me or even like me (or even KNOW me, for that matter); and finally, he slept for twenty years while I am only missing a chunk of about six weeks when I should have been blogging and working on my newest writing projects.

And one last difference, but to me it is a rather huge one, is that no matter how many times I’ve tried, I can’t seem to grow a beard even remotely close to the bushy adornment on Rip’s face.

But I’m awake again now, so watch out world ’cause I’ll be coming on strong!

Although it is getting late in the afternoon where I live and I swear that I can hear my cozy bed calling my name….a short nap surely wouldn’t hurt anything, would it? Good then–talk to you again soon.

Till next time, then, take care….and don’t be a stranger.


20 thoughts on “Rip Van Winkle Is Awake!

  1. Sylvia,I like your writing style and I am developing a book and coming up on deadline. If you are willing to submit a personal essay 1-2,000 words, about familyI’d liek to consider it for possible inclusion. Contact me at Stories should be sassy, wise cracky etc.

  2. LOVE, love, love the verve and voice in this post Sylvia. Awesome, and the analogy is wonderful. You sound like spring has arrived, but then I’ve been down for the count most of January myself. Glad you’re back.

  3. I used to call them “power naps”, but at my age who am I kidding? I’m just happy to be able to nap! Not only are they “restorative”, they are one of life’s guilty pleasures -or not guilty as the case may be!

  4. Hey Rip … my nap this afternoon was very beneficial too – I’ve been far more productive since than I would have been if I’d just plowed ahead with blinders on … you’re right – naps are the way to go !!! Nice to see you blogging again – I’ve been checking every once in awhile 🙂

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