Hurray For Hollywood!

Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guess what, Hollywood? Sylvia has come to play!

That’s right–I’m in Hollywood, home to famous stars and famous restaurants and famous theaters, and a temporary home-away-from-home to me, a small-town Canadian girl who never tires looking out her hotel window at the city lights stretching as far as the eye can see.

My sister-in-law and I made the trek from Alberta, Canada via Vancouver to LAX, and once we landed it took another hour and a half to make it to our hotel, right smack-dab in the middle of Tinsel Town!

Our hotel is in the same complex as Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the hand prints/footprints of 200 or so Hollywood celebrities. I brought a little bit of mortar and water with me and hope to have a chance to add my own hand print to the sidewalk if I’m not caught by security again!

I do have my suspicions that Hollywood is weird, though.

Faye and I took a walk to find a restaurant where we could enjoy a late supper, and afterwards headed for a corner store to purchase a bottle of liquid substance that is made from grapes, and on our way there came across Batman! He was just striding down the sidewalk, complete with cape, tights and mask, acting as if that was the most normal thing in the world to be doing at ten PM. Weird. Wonder who we’ll see tonight?

But before we go searching for weirdness tonight I’m sure we’ll have weirdness today to face–our writer’s conference starts this afternoon and if the other attendees are anything like Faye and me the room will be chalk-full of wonderful weirdness. Makes life interesting, right?

For now, I think I’d better go and check out the temperature of the outdoor pool. Swimming outdoors in late October–gotta love that!

Bye for now from Tinsel Town, and don’t be a stranger.

Note: I wrote this post on Friday but for some reason it didn’t publish when I thought it did…so the conference actually started yesterday, not today…everything else remains the same! Thanks.


14 thoughts on “Hurray For Hollywood!

  1. Well, Ms. Sylvia,

    Have you seen the actors doing a walk about on stilts? Crazy, crazy in LA and one never knows what they may see or who may be seen. Keep your eyes open; you may be rubbing elbows with your favourite actor.

    Now, if you go to Rodeo Dr., visit Tiffany’s but have Ms Faye keep your pocketbook and have her keep you in control. Everything looks delicious but do not take a taste. I do not have enough money to help you with the cost of your impulse.

    Enjoy everything you have the opportunity to do!

    Wish I were in the pool, also.

      1. You are funny, Dolly! Haven’t seen any men on stilts but tonight we saw Rocket Man walking down the street! And we saw a couple of people being filmed…but Faye and I are both behaving ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about us. 🙂

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