Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Here is my entry for this week’s Word Press Photo Challenge: Near and Far. I decided to look at this challenge from the perspective of ‘near’, and the picture of me in an outdoor pool in Toronto, Ontario in January a few years ago was taken very near to me. The pool is actually half inside a hotel and half outside, and guests can alternate back and forth between the two spaces. It was amazing to be outside in the heated pool in the middle of winter and have snowflakes falling around me as I swam. Inside and outside–near and far–very fitting for this photo challenge, I think.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

  1. Sylvia, you look like a happy woman and I can see how that would be so much fun. Thanks for the well-written and kind review you wrote on my Amazon page. I am truly grateful and since you live in Canada, I would love to Skype with you and a book club if you’re a member of one. I love to connect with others, so please let me know if this might work. Thanks,

    1. Thanks, Lorna–I’m not sure about ‘impishness’ but I certainly did love being in the water and the snow at the same time…it was actually quite magical with the cold temperature outside making steam rise from the water.

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