No Brooms Harmed in Recent Wedding-Day Preparations

Photo courtesy of Sharon Hicks

Saturday, August 25: I am extremely happy to report that my daughter’s wedding day dawned sunny and clear–we did not have to endanger any brooms in order to avoid rain–brooms stayed in the kitchen closets where they belonged and the trees in my yard displayed only their foliage. Whew!

The wedding rehearsal-supper held at my home Friday evening was a resounding success–we had plenty of food to eat and drinks to drink and all attendees said they enjoyed a wonderful time. It was the perfect way for the bride’s and groom’s families to get to know each other a little better before our children became husband and wife.

Saturday began with the bridal party meeting at 10 AM to get their hair coiffed at a local hair salon, and several hours later we all looked amazing, except for the bride–‘amazing’ did not do justice to how she looked–a better choice was ‘absolutely beautiful’. Stunning.

The day flew by until, before we knew it, the clock hands were heading towards 5 PM, the magical time when my daughter would marry the man she loves.

The guests were seated, the musician began strumming his guitar, and the bridesmaids then the maid of honor began their walk down the garden path toward an apple tree, where the groomsmen, the Justice of the Peace, and the groom waited.

Once everyone took their places, the musician began to play the theme song from “The Princess Bride”, and Erin and I began our walk. With our arms intertwined for both physical and emotional support and with a picture of Gary hanging by a ribbon attached to the bridal bouquet, we made our way slowly and fairly gracefully down the path, past the guests, stopping just in front of the groom. There I released my hold on my daughter, hugged her and her groom, and took my place in the front row of seats.

The wedding ceremony was touching, humorous, and short, exactly what Erin and Geoff had envisioned for their special day.

The reception began at 7:30 PM and continued until the wee hours of the morning. The DJ was great and played such wonderful tunes that the dance floor was never empty. I danced more that evening than I have in years, and the next day my feet, knees, calves and hips all attested to that fact, but the memories I made that night, dancing like a crazy woman with my daughter, my son, my new son-in-law, and with all the wedding party and many of the guests, were worth any discomfort I would experience afterward. I stayed at the reception until the ‘last call’ had been called and the ‘last dance’ had been danced, and I loved being a part of Erin and Geoff’s special day.

I didn’t make a speech at the reception; I had thought about giving one, but reasoned that in my highly-charged emotional state that day I would likely not have been able to get through it without a flood of tears, so decided against it.

If I had delivered a speech, though, I would have tried to keep it short and light, and might have ended it with these words:

“Erin, you grew up in a home where the language of love was spoken every day, and that is what I wish for you and Geoff as you begin your journey through life together. Hold hands, say ‘I love you’, laugh together, and even if the road of life is sometimes bumpy, stop and remember how you felt today when you repeated your vows to each other. We all love you, and wish you many happy years ahead. To Erin and Geoff!”

The newly-married couple are on their honeymoon now, and I am finally going to be able to relax again and get back to my long-neglected writing.

To Erin and Geoff!


18 thoughts on “No Brooms Harmed in Recent Wedding-Day Preparations

  1. What a beautiful picture of you and Erin! As soon as I looked at it I noticed Gary’s picture. I have no doubt he was with both of you in love and spirit. I love the “would have been” toast. I am glad you were all blessed with a beautiful and memory making day that I trust will be the beginning of many years of blessings. Thanks for sharing this wonderful day.

    1. Thanks, Carol,
      It was indeed a lovely and memorable day, and I know that Erin made a great choice for a ‘life partner’. Gary was with us…I know that for sure, so that helped me get through the day. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Thanks, Linda. It was indeed a special day, one that I will never forget. How I wish that Gary had been with us in person rather than in spirit, but at least that was something. I could feel him wIth me.

  2. It was indeed a wonderful wedding, and all my best to the new couple … you were probably wise to forego the speech-making – I got up the nerve to try one at Iain & Alyson’s reception, and slaughtered the cute little story I was trying to tell about them – the Hicks curse I guess – tearing up at the drop of a hat LOL …

  3. Sylvia, this is a marvelous, beautiful, touching, wonderful post postcard to your daughter on her very special day. That picture of the two of you is precious. It makes me smile from my heart. Congratulations and best wishes to all!

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