Dog Days Of Writing

I’m experiencing a new phenomenon this year–I call it the ‘Dog Days of Writing’, where, like the ‘Dog Days of Summer‘, our weather is so hot and humid that the only thing I want to do is stretch out on a lawn swing and try to catch a bit of a breeze.

I know that I should be writing.

This is the time of year I looked forward to all winter, when thoughts of sunny days at my cottage where I would sit and write to my heart’s content were the only bright spots in life during the snow storms and howling winds of January and February.

And it’s not as if I wasn’t prepared for summer at my cottage: I had wireless internet hooked up so that I can stay ‘connected’; I have my six-year-old laptop and my one-year-old iPad with me; I brought files of story ideas to work on; I stocked up on club soda and coolers to quench my thirst during my writing marathons; I bookmarked inspiring articles and blogs to nudge me, in the remote chance that my brain would need nudging to be creative; and I even packed my concert-sized ukulele so that I could practice playing it during my ‘spare’ time.

I do use my laptop and iPad–I read blogs, read ebooks, read and send emails, check Facebook, look at Pinterest, skim posts and possible books to read on Goodreads, check Smashwords and Amazon to see if  I’ve sold any books there, and play hundreds if not thousands of games of Bejeweled Blitz.

My files sit unopened on my bed, my supply of club soda and coolers has been depleted and restocked several times,  I’ve read the bookmarked articles and blogs that should have inspired me to sit down and write, but they didn’t, and the only time my ukulele has seen the light of day was a few moments last weekend when I took it out of its case to show to a visitor.

Beck - "Loser"
Beck – “Loser” (Photo credit: marthax)

‘Dog Days’ has officially kicked my literary butt; I am a loser with a capital L on my sweaty forehead. I have wasted weeks that I will never get  back, I have lost valuable time bowing to the internet gods, I will humbly wear my shame with my bathing suit (it’s too hot to wear anything else), and I vow to make amends come September, when the weather cools to a lovely comfortable temperature–perfect for writing, I’m sure.

Until then, I have two bachelorette parties to prepare for (one at my home and one at my cottage), I have my brother and sister-in-law arriving soon for a two-week visit, I have a wedding rehearsal supper to plan, and I have my daughter’s wedding on Aug 25 to cap off everything. (Oh, plus I have the morning-after-the-wedding get-together at my house where the bride and groom will open their cards and gifts and everyone will ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over them while we stuff our cheeks with muffins and dip our scones into steaming cups of coffee.)

After all of that is over, I will write. I will write diligently and faithfully every day until blog posts are posted, books are completed, and truckloads of money start pouring in from retailers and publishers world-wide.

I could be in for a long, sleepless September! Maybe I’d better go have a nap on my swing now, just in case.


9 thoughts on “Dog Days Of Writing

  1. We just got back from a hot humid week in the Boston area while thinking we should have been home using the pool only to find when we got home that somehow the pool had gotten a big jagged tear in the liner and let a good deal of the water out. Ah well!!

  2. Summer is never my friend, and this year Summer is kicking my butt worse than ever. We hardly had any snow last winter, so I don’t even have that to harken back to for a refreshing memory. All I can say is listen to your inner wisdom, stay still, keep hydrated, and what doesn’t kill you will give you fodder for some great stories when the time is right and the cool breezes lift you off that cushy porch swing.

    I’m hugging my A/C right now and sending mind control waves to type this. 😉

  3. I was getting winded with all the activities you plan on completing this month and the promised catching up to do in September. No wonder you don’t feel like writing. Too much racing around in your brain. You look mighty comfy on your swing.

    1. Yes…maybe that’s one reason why writing is not happening for me right now–my brain seems to be on overdrive with other things going on. And yes, my swing is comfy–that picture was taken one day in September a few years ago–if I had a sweatshirt on today I’d be classified as insane and locked away!

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