Love/Hate Relationships

I’ve decided to go with a new look for my blog today (I hope a much  better option than the decision I made to try a new look with my bangs recently)–because I’m tired of the ‘same old, same old’ that I’ve had for quite a few months now, and thought it may be time to shake things up a bit. Actually, I was also inspired by one of the blogs I follow–Brittany the Book Slayer–she changed her blog look today and I thought it was a great idea to do something similar (but different) to mine. My only problem with changing something is that I’m never quite sure if the change is for the best–is it better than what I had before–is it the same–or is it worse? It is one of the many love/hate issues that I have.

FaceTime (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another love/hate relationship I have is one that I just discovered today: my iPad’s FaceTime application.

This afternoon my sis-in-law called me from Alberta and we chatted for a few minutes about a new book review blog we’re going to start together (stay tuned for more information). Then she said, “Hey, since I upgraded from my old iPad1 to the new iPad3 last week and you have the iPad2 I realized that we can chat via FaceTime without any need for a long-distance call! Want to give it a try?”

I said yes, as I do to most of her crazy ideas (no matter what trouble ensues for me afterwards), and sure enough, there was trouble again in River City once I signed onto FaceTime and Faye signed onto FaceTime and we connected.

Turkey Wattles
Turkey Wattles (Photo credit: Eric Kilby)

The trouble? I could SEE myself in the camera of my iPad–just as Faye could see me–and I discovered that I have the dreaded “Turkey Neck” that I’ve seen in other women my age but have never noticed in myself before.


Turkey Neck??? I have a wattle??? How could that be? When did this happen? How do I get rid of it? Should I gain a hundred pounds in order to round out the flesh on my neck? Should I wear turtlenecks, even in the dog-days of summer? Should I tilt my head toward the sky, as if I’m snooty, and hope that no one can see my turkey neck then?

Gaining weight isn’t a good option–I’ve been working hard to lose a few pounds and I don’t want them back. Turtlenecks? Even in my younger days turtlenecks were not an option for me as my short neck completely disappears in them and I’m left looking like a cue ball on a stick. Plus, now at my age turtlenecks are completely out of the question due to my heat intolerance–I can barely stand to wear a tank top! Tilting my head toward the sky seemed like my only option, so I gave it a try tonight…to practice. I almost fell down the stairs!

David E. Kelley
David E. Kelley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hmmmm…What to do…I wonder if there’s a way to do ‘FaceTime’ without the camera being on…I’m going to google that and hopefully will find an answer to my dilemma. Or perhaps I can find a man like Richard Fish in the Ally McBeal series–he loved women with wattles!  Or I suppose if all else fails I can make a phone call to Bell to see about a better long-distance plan for me!

Decisions, decisions, decisions….that’s another love/hate relationship I have–I always worry that I’ll make the wrong one.



16 thoughts on “Love/Hate Relationships

  1. Hi Sylvia,
    Well, I hadn’t noticed your turkey neck, but my own gray hairs–that’s another matter. I’m looking like the woman I swore I never would become. I love the town at the bottom of the blog. Not sure what I think of the text on the pink (these old eyes), although pink is an awesome color according to my daughter.
    Thanks for making me smile so early in the morning.

  2. thanks for the info on FaceTime … sounds great 🙂

    Some nights I don’t sleep well, so you might even find a post from me sometime at 3am or so LOL

    Are the seasonal changes really ‘just for the sake of change’ I wonder … seems they actually serve some purpose on the grander scheme of things – plus they follow a ‘regular routine’ – doesn’t happen just because Mother Nature randomly decides she wants a different look …

    Cousin Brian and I went down to Great Village today (er – yesterday now …) and filled in a couple more pieces of the MacNeill family puzzle – got some pics of our great-uncle’s gravesite, and the house where he lived … Alex MacNeill – he was brother of our great grandfather George … over the past few years we’ve unearthed some interesting little facts about the family story – Brian’s son Jason has also been doing some searching as well …

    As for ‘looking in the mirror’ – some mornings I have to ask myself who is that haggard-old-woman-with-the-straggly-gray-curls staring back at me through half-opened eyes !! LOL

    But, as they say, it sure beats the alternative !! 🙂

    1. Haha–you’re right–Mother Nature doesn’t have much choice in changing things…
      Glad to hear you’re making headway with the MacNeill heritage line…you’ll have to fill me in on what you’ve found to date.
      I know what you mean about the mirror…Who is that person? When did she move in? When will she leave and let me get back to being the ‘young woman’ I am in my head? are questions we all ask as we age, I guess.
      Thanks for popping by–hope you get some sleep…but here it is, 2:37 am and I am still up!

  3. I’ve learned to live with having a turkey neck. In fact, having glanced at myself in the mirror recently while drying myself off from my shower, the turkey neck is probably the best part of me! Re the new blog look, I’m not crazy about the pink, but your humor is as great as ever!!

    1. Thanks for the chuckle, Barb–I hate looking in the mirror, too. And I’m a bit on the fence about the pink myself…not sure if it’s going to stay that way or not.

  4. hmmm … interesting colours … I don’t find the background pink actually distracting, as someone else had mentioned, however the contrast between the letters and the field they’re on is less than optimal for easy readability … perhaps I’m just a little ‘old-fashioned’ – “if it works, why fix it?” … change just for the sake of change sometimes ain’t all it’s cracked up to be … 😉

    That being said, great post – entertaining 🙂

    ps – does FaceTime have anything to do with FaceBook? just wondering …

    1. Hey Sharon–what are you doing up so late? LOL. Nope–FaceTime doesn’t have anything to do with Face Book…it’s more like Skype…person to person via the iPad without a phone line…

      And don’t you think sometimes change just for the sake of change is good–look at our four seasons! But I’ll keep an eye on all the opinions expressed about the new look of my blog and may decide to switch it to something else…sigh…more change!

  5. Totally entertaining, Sylvia. Aren’t you lucky to have such non-worries to worry about? I always think I don’t have to look at myself; just the rest of the world does; so let THEM cope with my aging image.

    Not sure about the new background; at first I thought the pink was a little distracting. Then I saw the figures at the bottom and fell in love with your Strange Little Town. And I love your blog, so just don’t make the whole background black. As long as I can read it I will be doing just that.

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