Friday Ramblings

Thought I’d post a few more Friday ramblings today; it’s really hot and humid here and it’s difficult to concentrate on anything long-winded, so this seems like a good idea…time will only tell if it is!

Got my hair cut last week and my stylist fixed my ‘bangs-disaster’ for me–she actually tried to tell me that I did a good job! Makes me question not only her sense of style but also her sanity! I’ll try to get a decent picture and post it soon to prove that my hair isn’t all that bad now (of course it all depends on what a person is comparing it to).

big bang theory new season
big bang theory new season (Photo credit: Heavybm)

Went to Ontario for a week to visit a girlfriend and while I was there she and her husband told me that The Big Bang Theory was over–for good! I was devastated…so today I googled that and found out that it is due to return this fall for another year! Yay!!! Fingers crossed that in this particular situation the internet knows best.

I found out yesterday that my ebook “Postcards From Home” made it as a finalist in the Global eBook Awards humor category. The winner will be announced late in August in Santa Barbara, California at a Gala–I’m not attending the event as California is far, far away from my neck of the woods and also the date of the event is very close to the date of my daughter’s wedding. I read that Marilu Henner is the keynote speaker at the award dinner, though, and I imagine she will be entertaining, so I wish I could go.

But–I am going to Los Angeles, California in the fall to attend the Writer’s Digest Western Conference three-day event! Super excited about that. My fellow-writer and sister-in-law is going with me–Hollywood–watch out!

Does anyone have any suggestions for where I could live where the temperature is moderate most of the year and I wouldn’t be attacked by mosquitoes just by daring to venture outside my front door? Also, I hate humidity, so low humidity would be nice…all suggestions welcome, by the way.

Virus warning
Virus warning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you do when you sign onto your computer and your virus-protection program says ‘you must reboot in order to finish downloading important updates’, and you do that, over and over again, only to keep being told that ‘you must reboot in order to finish downloading important updates’? Is this a test? If so, of what? My patience? How long it will be before I ignore these instructions completely and take my chances on the internet? Is it interested in how many ‘cuss’ words I know?

The weather for today and the next few days says showers and thundershowers–currently it’s bright and sunny and very warm, although according to the forecast we should be experiencing a downpour…are meteorologists no better at predicting the weather than the Farmer’s Almanac is? Or maybe even not as accurate as the Farmer’s Almanac? Do you know any meteorologists that I could call up and yell at for misguiding me?

English: DIY Canada's current logo
English: DIY Canada’s current logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why does everything we buy have to be ‘some assembly required’? Last week I bought a fireplace/media center for my family room; it came in a huge box that is currently sitting in the middle of the family room floor, patiently waiting for some poor soul to attempt to assemble it. I read online that if everything goes well, the product can be assembled in two to three hours! Doesn’t make sense to me–why can’t the nice store-workers put the sucker together for me? Same with the media tower I bought to hold my DVDs and ancient VHS tapes–‘assembly required’. I think I’m going to tackle that one tonight on my own…if I manage to get it assembled I’ll take a picture of it to share with you.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

People on Facebook have been debating the ‘Higgs Boson Particle Theory’–guess I should do a bit of research to see what that is all about…is it a great discovery or is it “Hokum” (a wonderful word from my guy, Sheldon Cooper–see paragraph three above).

My five ebooks are all on sale this month at–Postcards From Home and Confessions From My Blog are 50% off at only $1.50, and A Small Steel Box, Needs, and Short Journeys are all FREE. Be sure to check them out before July 31.

Okay–enough rambling for today, I think. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with nice, mosquito-free weather.



12 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings

  1. Congratulations on your book. I hope you win (my fingers are crossed). It’s incredible what you have accomplished as a writer. I really admire what you have done. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the finalist position for Postcards from Home… that is so exciting! The conference you are going to in California sounds wonderful! Maine by the sea is beautiful, but hot and humid right now and the mosquito is our state bird. Let me know when you find a good solution to no humidity, no mosquitoes and won’t fall into the ocean… I’ll become your neighbor!

    1. Carol–I would LOVE that!!! I can’t think of a better neighhor than you! We could have coffee (not Timmie’s, I guess), every day, and sit and chat about our issues and our writing plans!

  3. San Diego, California has the best weather throughout the year; moderate temperatures all the time, no humidity and no mosquitos. It’s an expensive lifestyle, though; residents call it the “Sunshine Tax.”

    The Higgs Boson Particle theory is real; my daughter in Providence Rhode Island just told me today that one of the discoverers is the neighbor behind her house who offered to walk her dog while she is away. But he is busy right now with all the press coverage and news conferences to which he’s been invited.

    Congratulations and good luck on your book, ” Postcards from Home.” I’m rooting for you.

    1. Hey, Ronnie! Thanks so much for ‘rooting’ for me…and I’ll look up San Diego…to see if it is due to fall into the sea in the next few years…that’s another criteria that I forgot to mention–along with nice temps and no mosquitoes… so if it fits, I’ll be there soon! My daughter is applying for a job on Vancouver Island, BC, and I told her that at least if the island falls into the sea she’ll have a good few years leading up to that…I could definitely live there, too, I said.Better to leave this earth happy and warm and without any warning than here on the east coast….miserable and humid.

  4. Congratulations on your “Postcards from Home” book. That’s exciting! Re the excessive humidity, I just keep telling myself it’s better than the cold of winter. It helps to have a heat pump that enables us to have air conditioning in the summer, so I can come back inside to cool off and it’s great for sleeping at night.

  5. Re : suggestions where to live where the climate is moderate and the mosquitoes are next to non-existent – Strawberry Hill Estates, just outside of Edmonton, AB., is widely known as Canada’s Riviera with VERY moderate temperatures and absolutely NO mosquitoes, and there’s currently a vacancy in the spare bedroom… wow, have you ever noticed that once you’ve told one lie, they just start flowing like water out of a breached dam. But, even though, as Don Kennie would say, “Eh Christ, young fellow, I think you’re a little careless with the truth”, there really is a vacancy in the spare bedroom.

  6. Hi Sylvia, Congratulations! And WD conference too! I hope you win. I did a bang up job on my bangs too. My hair looks like Laura Bush’s when I get it cut or if I let it grow, it looks like Hillary Clinton’s. I like to think I have presidential hair. ha-ha I;m back from vacation, stop by my blog.

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