Did I Do That???

Have you ever had what you thought was a wonderful idea, only to realize, too late, that your idea actually sucked? Well I have, and unfortunately last week I once again gave in to my wanton urge to do something that I knew better than to do.

I cut my own bangs.

How difficult could it be? I thought. I used to cut my husband’s hair and it always turned out great, and I often cut my son’s hair when he was a boy. I’ve ‘repaired’ my own hair cut when a stylist tried something I didn’t care for or when I thought said stylist messed up–for example when one side of my hair was left a touch longer than the other side I trimmed the offending side until both sides were even. Mind you, I had to trim both sides in order to actually make them even in the end, as sometimes the scissors slipped and snipped off too much hair even though I was being very careful.

But last week I messed up big time. I had placed a picture on Pinterest of a hairstyle that I liked and it was the bangs of that hairstyle that I wanted my bangs to look like, so I found a pair of craft scissors and started snipping. Oops.

This is what I wanted my bangs to look like:

diablo_cody_2.jpg 1,125×1,627 pixels

        diablo_cody_2.jpg 1,125×1,627 pixels  0.tqn.com

This is a representation of my hair when I finished snipping:

Applying sunscreen to the nearly shaved head o...

Bad Sylvia–bad, bad Sylvia.

I have an appointment tomorrow with my hair stylist; I imagine that after she recovers from the shock of seeing my ‘new look’ she’ll somehow manage to add ‘style’ to my bangs. I also imagine that a hefty tip will be the order of the day.

Will I ever learn?


19 thoughts on “Did I Do That???

  1. When I do something like that, I always comfort myself with the thought that it’s only a few weeks, or a month at the most, before it will grow enough to repair the damage. In the meantime, I remind my self every time I look in the mirror, not to do that ever again. Ah, but how quickly we forget!!

  2. I trim my bangs all the time. Of course, I’m just clipping them back from the stage where they hang over my eyes to the stage where they are just below my eyebrows, so it is pretty hard to go too far wrong!

  3. Oh Sylvia, I can’t believe that you haven’t learned this lesson yet! Never mess with your bangs. Logic suggests that because you can see them the best and have the easiest access to them with scissors, that you (as an intelligent woman capable of dressing and grooming herself) could snip here and there and turn your bangs into something marvelous. WRONG! It’s because they are so darned visible and right there in the front of your head that you should never approach them with anything sharper than an Emory board.

    My hairdresser has threatened to blackball me if I ever try trimming my own bangs again (yes, I bravely and idiotically went where you went, too). She told me in no uncertain terms that if I have the urge to pick up a pair of scissors for anything other than cutting fabric, paper, or food packaging, call her immediately. She is an artist and she doesn’t want her canvas defacing her work. 🙂

    1. I guess you are a faster learner than I am, Joan! I should have known better as soon as I cut my barbie-doll’s hair when I was little! It didn’t look good either and it NEVER grew back!
      Thanks for dropping by–hope you come back again.

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