50K and Counting

Fireworks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just checked my blog stats and discovered that Ramblings of a Writer has now received over fifty thousand hits!

That is a major milestone to me. When I began writing my blog a couple of years ago I wondered if anyone at all would bother to read what I have to say, so I am more than delighted that people (who I also now consider to be cyber-friends), not only have stopped by to read a post or two but have kept coming back to read more. Who knew that could happen?

Of course, I also read and follow other people’s blogs–so many, in fact, that if I don’t keep up to date on a daily or every-other-day basis my inbox fills up as if I’m being spammed, which I’m not. I love to read what other writers have to say, and I have learned a great deal from following a variety of blogs that embrace many different blogging styles and topics. What a great way to share ideas and opinions in this ever-shrinking electronic world!

Some of my favorite blogs that resonate with me could be classified as being humorous; I love humor and these blogs often brighten what would have otherwise been a dark day for me. I enjoy slipping a bit of humor into my posts, too, hoping that readers will not only want to read what I have to say but will also perhaps chuckle once in a while at what I write.

I enjoy blogs written by women and men of a certain age: if the writers are in the late middle ages stage–not late middle ages as in c. 1300 to 1500 AD, though, but rather late middle ages as in  c. 1945 to 1962 AD, their words can generally reach out and touch me on the shoulder or cause my stomach muscles to clench or wonder how that person knew what was on my mind.

I also like to follow what witty, talented, informed younger bloggers have to say, and I am rarely disappointed when I click on one of their blogs.

I read blogs about the process and art of writing, about the intricacies of electronic and POD publishing, about growing older with as much spirit as possible, about living in the world as a 20-or-30-something young adult, about travel and adventure, about comical pets and river ice and just about anything else that catches my attention on any given day.

As I said earlier in this post, reading all these blogs does take time out of my days and evenings, but that is time well-spent, I believe. I love to read, and whether I am reading about the process of writing a novel or am reading an actual novel, I never feel that I am wasting my time.

Instead, I maintain that I am enriching my world, my vocabulary, and my overall understanding of the ‘human condition’.

So thank you, fellow bloggers, for making my time spent on the computer rewarding and entertaining. I appreciate the work you put into your daily or weekly posts, and I appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to stop by my blog and comment about something you’ve read, suggest a blog I should visit, or simply to say that you like dropping by.

Happy blogging, and thanks again. Here’s to the next 50K!


6 thoughts on “50K and Counting

  1. Congratulations!! 50K, I am impressed! You have earned every one of those hits with your humor, perspective and heart – all of which rings clearly through your writing. Thank YOU for taking the time to speak to us through your writing…

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