Joys Of An Aging Body!

A warning sign with an exclamation mark
A warning sign with an exclamation mark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I  began to write a post about the things that writers do with their time when they’re not writing, but I decided to push that aside for now in order to chat about one of the ‘joys of an aging body’!

I understand that aging is something we all have to deal with while we’re on this earth, and I understand that as we age our bodies no longer look or act or react the way they did when they were young. I understand this, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it, especially when it is my aging body that no longer wants to behave itself.

Now a warning: If you have a delicate disposition you may want to skip this post and move on to one lighter in nature–perhaps a blog that reviews upcoming summer comedy or romance movies…

Still reading? Okay, here goes: I’m one of countless individuals that has a common disease of aging where little sacs, called diverticula, form in the lining of the intestinal wall.  According to, the sacs  project from within the bowel through the muscle surrounding the bowel, and may occasionally trap feces moving through the intestine. Diverticula are extremely common and usually harmless. They tend to appear after age 40 and are more likely to appear in seniors. The site goes on to say that Diverticulosis is the condition of having one or more diverticula. Usually there are no symptoms or problems associated with this condition. (Doesn’t that all sound pretty tame?)

However, sometimes the diverticula become inflamed, causing a condition known as diverticulitis, and that, my friends, is not tame at all.

If by now you’re asking yourself, “Why on earth would Sylvia write about intestines and the yucky stuff that goes on inside them?”, the only answer I have is that most of us take our bodies for granted until something happens that makes us stop in our tracks and say, “What the heck is that all about?” and then we wonder what other health surprises await us on this journey called life.

RH emergency
RH emergency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had my rude awakening six years ago, when I was rushed into emergency surgery because of a perforated colon (bowel). The surgeon performed a ‘colon resection’, meaning that he cut out the chunk of my intestine that was damaged, and because of the infection present in my abdomen he put in a colostomy, which in my particular case was a temporary measure until my colon healed enough to be reattached.

My original surgery was in July and the colostomy reversal was scheduled for November, but two days before the date the doctor finally read my latest scan and realized that an adhesion from the July surgery would make a successful reattachment impossible. So the operation was postponed and instead I was scheduled for day surgery–the doctor needed to locate the adhesion and balloon through it to open up the passageway. Then the reversal could go ahead.

The main problem with this decision, however, was that during the procedure, which apparently happens without incident MOST of the time, the surgeon perforated my bowel and once again I headed to the operating room for emergency surgery. I was not a happy patient.

To Be Continued…


17 thoughts on “Joys Of An Aging Body!

  1. I keep praying that I die young. I have colon problems already and it’s painful and so not fun. I’m only 28 haha!

    I hope all your problems go away!

  2. By default, it kind of makes you happy when you’re having a good day (week/month) doesn’t it!?

  3. My mom suffered from the same disease and I understand of which you speak. I’ve also heard of someone else having their bowel nicked / perforated. Did you get any kind of apology of is it a silly question?

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