How Many Bags of Leaves Can Come From One Front Lawn?

The one last, lone pile of leaves just before I stuff them into a bag!

This afternoon I finally finished raking and bagging up the leaves that covered my front lawn. Well, actually I could rake another ten or twenty more bags of these dried-up creations of nature if I wanted to scour underneath all the trees in my front yard and really dig into the masses of leaves huddled there, but I don’t want to, at least not today.

I’ve worked my butt off in my yard this past week, and my muscles can attest to that fact. Apparently they aren’t used to pulling and hauling and picking up bag after bag of leaves and carting the bags to the curb.

Not only did I bag leaves this week but I used my handy-dandy ‘loppers’ to cut branches off trees and place them in piles to tie up with cord for the garbage collection–or at least I used the loppers to cut and trim branches–until I broke them! Now they sit in my garage, waiting to see if my son can find a nut and bolt to fix them–if not, I’ll have to buy a new pair to use to trim branches off trees–after all, a Canadian woman can’t be without a good set of loppers, can she?

A view of my ‘brown’ yard without its blanket of leaves!

Now I have bags and bags of leaves ready to be picked up this week during our ‘big-garbage-pick-up-day’, and I have stacks of evergreen branches and dead-tree branches ready to be tied up with heavy cord and placed beside the bags of leaves.

My yard does look better than it did–it still isn’t green, mind you–it’s several shades of brown because of the lack of grass on my lawn, but at least it’s better than the leaf-filled yard it was until this week.

Next, I’m planning to call a local lawn-maintenance/landscape company this week to get an estimate on having enough topsoil delivered to cover all the brown areas of my lawn (okay–my ENTIRE lawn), and then have my lawn hydroseeded!

But before that happens–it is ‘big-garbage-pick-up-day’ this week, so today my son and his girlfriend and I worked in my garage and I can’t believe the amount of ‘excess stuff’ we dug out of there and carried to the curb! I am very pleased with what we accomplished this afternoon and actually feel that I may one day become a ‘master of my own garage’ again!

For now, I celebrate the excess ‘junk’ stuff we managed to get rid of, and to show you what I mean, I took photos after we finished. The first photo shows my neighbors ‘stuff’ and the following photo shows my ‘stuff’! Quite a difference, don’t you think?

My neighbor’s ‘garbage’.
My garbage pile!

One last look at a few of the bags of leaves from my front yard…I still have to tackle my side lawns and back lawn and have no idea if I’ll ever get finished!!!

Bags of leaves everywhere!

My poor ‘brown’ front lawn…stay tuned in case it ever turns green!

Have you had your spring ‘big garbage collection day’ yet? What did you put out?


19 thoughts on “How Many Bags of Leaves Can Come From One Front Lawn?

  1. Isn’t that why teenagers were invented??? Haha. I have a very tiny yard and NO clutter in my house since we moved in December. But oh, the mounds and mounds of garbage we had at that time!!!

    1. Maybe I need to move again! For sure I’d have to get rid of stuff then. Or maybe I can just pretend I’m going to move…and clean house as if I was in the process! A tiny yard and NO clutter sounds wonderful to me! Maybe you can show me the way!

  2. Outstanding Sylvia!! I remember when I moved from PA to Maine I had to declutter 27 years. I had piles like that every week for quite a while. My body eventually was numb. Look at that pile with pride ~ it signifys accomplishment and goals achieved!

    1. It is a good feeling to get rid of clutter…and yes, I am tired! Very tired. And I have so much more clutter left to discard…it will definitely take some time…but will be worth it in the end.

  3. Congratulations – that is one pile of work!! I decided that 2012 is the year I will clean all excess “stuff” out of our house. My new resolution is to be much more discriminating about what comes into and stays in our house.

    1. Maybe at the end of 2012 we can compare notes….see how we did getting rid of clutter in our lives and homes…I think we both need luck during the next 7 months!

  4. Wow! Good for you, Sylvia! That was a lot of work to get done. I hope you aren’t in too much pain from it! Your house looks lovely 🙂

    1. Ginger–I hurt even where I didn’t know I could hurt! I’m taking Tylenol Arthritis every day and hoping for the best…but this morning my right knee, in particular, was screaming at me that it didn’t like what I was doing with my time! I feel very old and decrepit, but at the same time am so happy to get rid of the stuff I am! It’s a catch-22 situation, I guess. Will let you know how I am by next week…

  5. That bench looks very inviting. My hubby takes the mulching mower over our leaves, so we don’t have to rake them. It was worth every penny. Here in the midwest we cannot use plastic leaf bags, everything has to be in paper. Yard work can wear you out, but isn’t it a good feeling of accomplishment when you are finished? Have agreat week. Consider sending me a kooky story about Family. Details on my blog.

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