The First Signs of Spring in Atlantic Canada

My lawn last week...winter still...hope it disappears soon.

This last week has been absolutely gorgeous! Winter of 2011-2012 was kind to Atlantic Canada; we’ve had very few huge snowstorms requiring snow-blowing and shoveling and cursing (well, that may just be me). And now this week our temperatures hit the teens and low twenties Celsius (which translates to lovely warm temperatures {60-70} Fahrenheit for my American friends).

I drove to town Wednesday afternoon wearing my Teva sandals (the absolutely BEST sandals I’ve ever had on my poor, miserable, aching, skinny feet), a pair of black capris (hauled out of my closet and shaken to dislodge any dust particles finding refuge there against the winter snows), and a short-sleeved paisley top that helped hide my winter-tummy. I was in spring-heaven!

The same thing happened yesterday…the temperature was lovely and the remaining, stubborn patches of snow on my front lawn dwindled down quite a bit from the previous day. A few more days of this kind of weather and I’d be able to start raking the decaying leaves that clutter my lawn because I didn’t bother to gather them up last fall. (Stupid, stupid me.)

I wore an outfit similar to the previous day (okay–if truth is to be told, I wore the EXACT same outfit), and I sauntered through town, retrieving my mail and picking up a few groceries, with a lilt in my step and a song (albeit off-key) in my throat.

I LOVE spring! I especially love spring because it arrives at the tail-end of winter, the one season that I am finding I dislike more and more each passing year.

After all, what good is it? Winter, I mean…people huddle in their overly-heated houses and try to moisturize their dry, over-heated skin; people don heavy coats and boots and mittens and hats that leave them looking like background extras in a Dr. Zhivago remake, and people grumble and growl and complain about their aches and pains that the cold winds of winter exacerbate (although once again, this could just be me). I am definitely not a fan.

I opened the windows in my kitchen, bedroom, dining room and entry and relished the fresh air that drifted in through the screen mesh; I turned all the thermostats in my home to ‘off’ and imagined the money I would save this month by not having to keep the heat up high; and I dug out my gardening books and magazines and scoured listings for suitable spring plantings that would coax my sad patch of front-lawn into a paradise of hardy, disease-resistant flora that blossom and wave in the summer breezes.

Hope springs eternal.

Tomorrow, though, the weather forecast says that we’re shifting back to late-winter mode. It will be cool and cloudy with hints of flurries or freezing rain showers. A perfect day for staying inside, applying lotion to my dry, over-heated skin, and complaining about my aches and pains that will exacerbate in the damp March wind.

Woman shaving her legs Español: Mujer afeitand...
Woman shaving her legs Español: Mujer afeitando sus piernas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love spring, but I would really love it more if it actually came and stayed, once and for all, without all this peek-a-boo mystery that usually accompanies our Atlantic seasons.

So for now, I am going to look through my closet and pull out my summer clothes, that are dying to be free of their winter confines of darkness, and I will try them all on, no matter how much I dread the prospect of seeing myself in the mirror with my  very white legs poking beneath my capris…oh my goodness…

Am I supposed to shave???



10 thoughts on “The First Signs of Spring in Atlantic Canada

  1. I saw a laundry detergent commercial which states that 40% (I think that was the number) of women now admit to wearing their clothes more than once before washing them … guess it’s a growing trend … funny, I always thought that was “normal” LOL

  2. I wear the same outfit two days in a row sometimes, too. I always wonder if my neighbors notice, haha. Oh well! I’m glad the weather is warming up for you, I love having the windows open! Fresh air at last!

  3. I wonder if winter is going to rear it’s white head once again before all is said and done or if this is really spring? You can’t fool Mother Nature, but she sure can fool us!

    1. Mother Nature showed us once again that she is still the boss of us–today we’re back to snow and cold and strong winds. But I refuse to go back to wearing boots so am staying inside today! That’s me, showing Mother Nature my rebel side! 🙂

  4. Nice to hear there were less storms this past winter for you. We had ONE and then no snow most of the winter. Then SUMMER arrived after winter. We had 30 degrees Celsius Friday. It’s scary. The daffodils are in bloom and the trees branches are bursting with buds. Hope it’s not too hot this summer: regarding farming, produce and the price of groceries.

    Great post. Something to compare. Congratulations on another published story.

  5. I am “green” with envy – we are in a (hopefully) brief rebound to winter. Spring arrives here (for the third time this year) next weekend …
    Wonderful post and great pics – thanks!

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