Why Did I Eat That???

There I was, on a Saturday evening, watching yet another curling game on television (see my earlier post, Hurry, Hurry Hard to read about how much time Canadians spend watching curling games). Our lives are extremely exciting.

After the second end of the game I realized that I was peckish and wanted needed something to sustain me throughout the remaining eight ends of the match. What to eat, what to eat, what to eat?

Cheese fries
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I considered my options: a fairly-healthy toasted whole-wheat English muffin with a bit of butter and a spoonful of strawberry jam; a fairly-unhealthy plate of nachos covered with mozzarella cheese, salsa, and sour cream; or a REALLY-unhealthy Canadian dish called poutine, a concoction of piping-hot french fries sprinkled with mozzarella cheese (or cheese curds) and gravy, and soaked drizzled with ketchup.

Hmmm. Home alone, on a Saturday night, with french fries and gravy in my freezer and mozzarella cheese in my refrigerator’s cheese-bin…

My decision made, I went upstairs to my kitchen, turned the oven on to 450 degrees, spread the frozen fries out on a baking sheet, and immersed the small container of gravy in a stainless-steel bowl of hot water. Then I returned to the curling game until the oven beeped to indicate that it was ready for my fries.

Back upstairs I hobbled (my knees were really hurting me), placed the fries in the oven, transferred the gravy from its plastic storage container to a glass dish and popped the dish into the microwave to finish defrosting. Then it was back downstairs again to watch another end of the game-in-progress.

Fifteen minutes later I hobbled back upstairs and flipped the fries, grated a giant tiny amount of mozzarella cheese, and finished heating the gravy. By the time I completed these last tasks my fries were cooked, so I piled them onto a plate, covered them with cheese and gravy, added a bit of salt, and took the concoction, along with a fork and a bottle of ketchup, downstairs.

Barely halfway through my very rich meal, I stopped, unable to fork another bite into my mouth. I pushed the plate away and began to question my sanity decision-making skills.

Spiderman (Madame Tussauds London).
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Why did I do this to myself? Where was my head? Did I really think that my slow, uncomfortable treks up and down the stairs would burn enough calories to make my terrible questionable choice of a late-evening supper  okay? Obviously my excitement at watching another game of curling had dulled my Spidey-senses and now I would have to pay the price.

After the curling game ended (Canadian women won against the US, by the way), I dragged my uncomfortable, bloated body upstairs to bed. Visions of whales and elephants and other large mammals danced in my head; kindred spirits of mine, I was sure.

Today I woke up a reformed woman.

No more late-evening poutine for me. No sirree. Only an apple, perhaps, or a clementine, or worst-case scenario, a lightly toasted whole-wheat English muffin lightly brushed with low-fat butter (is there such a thing as low-fat butter?), and a smidgen of strawberry jam.

My resolve is formidable.

But thank goodness it’s still early enough in the day (only 5:30 pm local time), that my late-evening resolution won’t be brought into play when I chose my supper.

A photo of nachos
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I considered my options; a healthy spinach salad with cucumber, tomato, white onion, and low-fat dressing, or nachos with melted mozzarella cheese, salsa, and sour cream.

Easy-peasy. I just have to hobble upstairs to turn the oven on to preheat, and while it does, I’ll watch the first end of the current curling game (Canada vs China).

Go Canucks!


14 thoughts on “Why Did I Eat That???

  1. Now why am I able to relate to this? hmmm… love it all minus the gravy. Super to write and reflect what each and everyone of us are guilty of doing BUT so satisfying at the time.

  2. I find I most often am seduced into the kitchen for something with chocolate in it… and if it happens to be a brownie it will probably become a brownie a la mode! I do recognize those anguished climbs up the stairs muttering to myself about “Why did I eat that???”

  3. I understand your choices. I just can’t make the same ones–they hurt too much for too long. My body remembers like an elephant even if my brain remembers like a crashed hard-drive!

  4. hahaha we are guilty together but mine wasn’t poutine, I can’t eat that… tried and it was just not a 10 for me… but a tub of frozen yogurt was… oh why oh why do we fool ourselves into believing frozen yogurt can’t be as bad as ice cream… it isn’t, I know, but… that’s only if you have one serving… next blue weekend, I’m having a Haagen Daaz or Ben & Jerry’s or whatever… a single serving… I hope, lol 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. How tempting it is! I can’t go to bed (and sleep) without a sizable snack just before. If I don’t eat then, I’m up in the middle of the night eating. I love toast and Velveeta cheese at bedtime. In fact, I hear it calling my name right now!!

  6. I think we all are guilty from time to time! Right now I have homemade cookies coming out my ears because bandlandsbadley.com blogged about Oreos! Hahaha! I break them in half, but still eat about 6 a day…

  7. How timely is this post, Sylvia. I went to Winner’s today for a sweater.Balmy weather today so I took 3 short dresses and a long sundress to try on instead. It wasn’t pretty. Winter is officially ALMOST over. I must turn this jelly into something less jiggly. No more snacks. No more desserts. Just a glass of wine.

    Better oil up the eliptical machine. It’s seized up from none use.

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