Hurry…Hurry Hard!

English: The 2006 Brier, in Regina
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I know there will probably be a lot of readers who have no idea what my blog title today means…but if you happen to be Canadian and if you happen to be spending all your free time this week watching the Men’s Brier, no more explanation needs to be made.

But for everyone else, please let me explain.

According to Wikipedia, “The Tim Hortons Brier, or simply (and more commonly) the Brier, is the annual Canadian men’s curling championship, sanctioned by the Canadian Curling Association (CCA). The current event name refers to its main sponsor, the Tim Hortons coffee and doughnut shop chain”.

The Brier is where the best male Canadian curlers gather to compete for the title and for the honor of representing  Canada at the World Curling Championships, which this year will be held in Basel, Switzerland. At that event, teams from twelve countries will vie for the World Curling Championship title. Teams this year will represent Switzerland, Canada, China, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Scotland, Germany, France and USA.

Note: The women’s World Curling Championship also takes place later this month, in Alberta, Canada. Similar to the men’s event, teams will represent their respective countries of Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Scotland, Germany, USA, and Italy.

My father curling at a charity bonspiel.

We Canadians love our curling. We have curling rinks in almost every Canadian town and city, and we grow up knowing what the terms bonspiel, in-turn, hurry hard, and extra end mean. We start curling early on in our lives and many of us curl late into our senior years.

My father is a prime example of this. At eighty-five, he has been curling for well over forty years, and even though he can no longer get down in the hack, he still manages to throw his rocks and often leads his team to victory as their skip. He curls at least twice a week, sometimes even more often than that, and takes part in senior’s bonspiels throughout the curling season and in the Curl For Cancer fund-raising bonspiel every February.

If you were to suggest that he spend his winters in Florida or Texas or Arizona as a Canadian Snowbird, he would tell you that he can’t do that–he would miss curling too much. So he stays here, doing what he loves to do, and said he will continue this routine as long as his health lasts. I hope it lasts many more years.

Even I've been known to push some 'granite' down the ice.

So now you know why I haven’t posted this past week. I’ve been glued to my television set, watching the Brier games three times a day–morning, afternoon, and evening. And a couple of weeks before this I was glued to my television set, watching the Scottie’s games (the Canadian Women’s Championship event), three times a day–morning, afternoon, and evening.

Can you guess what I’ll be doing later this month? That’s right–I’ll be glued to my television set, watching the World Curling Championships. I’m not sure how many times a day games will be broadcast, but I’ll check the schedule to make sure I don’t miss an important draw.

You may want to check it out, too, even if you don’t live in Canada. The USA usually is represented by great teams at the World’s, and who knows–maybe the final game will be a showdown between our two countries!

Hurry–hurry hard!


17 thoughts on “Hurry…Hurry Hard!

    1. LOL Ronnie–I’m not a sports nut at all…in fact the only two I like to watch are curling and golfing! Isn’t that weird–I like to watch what some people may claim are the two most boring sports invented…but that’s me being me–weird. What can I do? 🙂

  1. I was glued to the TV last week for the Scotties and this week for the Brier. Though I’m from Western Canada, I really want to see Team Howard from Ontario win!
    My husband has built me a very nice computer table that rolls right up to my arm chair in the living room. I can watch curling, blog, and surf the web all at the same time!

    1. Now that is convenient! Wish I had one of those tables, too…I bet hubby could market them for all the bloggers out there…so they don’t miss their favorite programs while working. I hope for Team Howard this time, too…think they have the best shot to do well in the Worlds.

    1. Hi Bev–thanks for dropping by my blog, and for your comment. It is amazing to see dad still curling…he loves it so much that I’m glad he is able to keep going. Come visit soon.

  2. Although I have not actually watched curling, when I was in Ireland a few years back, I was there during the Irish national curling championship. Just as you describe, I remember the entire country coming to a standstill during the competition. It is so awesome that your Dad is still participating!

    1. Wow, Carol–that would have been so great to watch curling in Ireland…and yes, the country does pay a lot of attention to the sport here. Thanks for commenting…my dad is becoming famous now, right? 🙂

  3. sweep! Sweep!! SWEEP!!!
    I too have been ignoring the rest of the world, as much as possible, during the past week … and when the ladies arrived for Bridge the other day, they all said “Good! You have the game on!” … so we watched the end of that draw before we started the cards LOL … seems everyone around here is hooked 🙂

  4. I have never watched a curling match….I have heard about it, but never have seen one. I think it is great that your Dad is so active at his age…GO DAD!!

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Mo!

      Who knows, maybe one day you’ll have the chance to watch a curling game and will discover that you enjoy it (of course, you could also discover that you don’t enjoy it all–who knows?). LOL

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