Promoting a Leap Year Holiday!

Hi there!

Humorous leap year postcard postmarked in 1908...

I just came up with what I think is the best new idea since an Earl decided that a loaf of bread would be tasty cut into slices and used to ‘sandwich’ meat and cheese and pickles, and of course I knew right away that I had to share my idea with you, my good friends.

Are you ready? Are you listening? Are you enjoying a snack and maybe a nice hot cup of cocoa or coffee? Good.

Drum roll please: Governments everywhere should declare Feb 29 a National Holiday. I know! Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best ones and I can only shake my head in wonderment that someone else hadn’t thought of this leap years ago.

Now, your initial reaction to my great idea might be that Leap Year Day ( my great idea for the name of the new holiday), wouldn’t be worth celebrating because it would only happen once every four years, but that’s exactly the premise behind my idea–that we need an extra holiday in the years that are divisible by four.

Think about it–we have a set number of National Holidays for all the years that have the usual 365 days allotted to them, but then Leap year comes, dragging along with it an extra twenty-fours hours that we’re just supposed to deal with! What are we supposed to do on this extra day–work?

That doesn’t seem fair–having to work an extra day whenever Feb 29 falls on a week-day. I know that I’m retired now so this particular scenario doesn’t apply to me, but if it did, I think I’d be slightly ticked off. In fact, I am slightly ticked off just remembering all the extra days of work I put in during past leap years! But I digress…


I’m not sure what the protocol is to have my great idea of Leap Year Day put forward for government consideration; I figure I’ll have to complete due diligence and provide scientific back-up and run random polls then tabulate the results on a Bell Curve, then jump through a few fire-hoops while riding a unicycle…could be a long process.

I’ll let you know how I do. In the meantime, feel free to jump on board and help spread the word about my great idea. And don’t forget to let me know if you come up with your own great idea for a National Holiday–I’ll be one of the first ones on your band wagon!

Note: In honor of the distinct possibility of a future Leap Year Day, I’ve decided to run another promotion. From today until March 7, redeem the following coupon for a free copy of my ebook “Postcards From Home” at Simply select the book and proceed to the checkout. Once there, enter the coupon code QA87G to change the price from $1.99 to $0.00 and then you’ll be able to download the book in your choice of format.

Hope you enjoy this promotion, too, and don’t forget to spread the word about Leap Year Day!


16 thoughts on “Promoting a Leap Year Holiday!

    1. Thanks, Lorna–they’re actually really good this week during Smashwords ebook Reading Week. I’ve offered Postcards From Home for 100% off this week and have ‘sold’ a lot of copies! A good start, I think.

  1. Brilliant! Until I read your post I hadn’t even thought about the fact that Feb. 29 is yet another day of FREE labour I am putting in at the salt mine. It should definitely be a holiday!
    Let’s start a petition! Great post!

  2. Nice idea to help the 29ers celebrate their birthdays. How do you manage to think of these things?

    As a retiree, um, what’s another holiday unless there’s something in it for us. I would even settle for a FREE coffee. I guess I’m just too easy (blush). After all it’s only once every four yea. . . Ok not a good idea.

    1. Not sure, Tess–the mind is a weird and wonderful thing! And yes, I might settle for a free Tim Horton’s coffee on Feb 29, too…would beat what I’m getting now (which is nothing)….LOL

  3. Sounds like a good idea to me. I would have loved that when I was working. This leap year day is sunny and beautiful – a great day for enjoying the outdoors!

  4. Wonderful idea. And for those people born on this day, a nice way to celebrate a birthday every four years! They deserve it!!! – Maureen

  5. I LOVE that idea, Sylvia, LOL. As it happens, I did have cocoa in hand so it was a great combo and such a pleasure, I’ll see you again soon 🙂 You definitely have my vote for the new holiday!

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