Awesome Blog Content Award

Thank you to Let’s Cut The Crap  (subtitle of How the Cookie Crumbles) for awarding me the Awesome Blog Content Award…she writes a pretty awesome blog herself, so please check it out by clicking on her hyperlink! As is quite common with winning  blog awards (okay, it’s really not winning in the strict sense of the word as it is simply being chosen from among other great bloggers out there), the person is asked to share 7 things about herself/himself that other readers and bloggers may not already know. Since I’m actually a very boring person that is a challenge for me but I’ll give it a shot.

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me:

  1. I like to drink tomato soup out of a mug rather than using a spoon and a bowl. Today I’m drinking my soup out of a wonderful mug that a dear friend gave to me just before Christmas–it’s called “The Sacred Sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women” mug and it hold a lot of soup…yum. Thank you Sharon.
  2. I have at least six notebooks (paper kind not electronic kind) on the go at any given time. They are spread throughout my home, from my bedroom to the living room to the family room downstairs. On one hand this is great because I can usually find a place to jot down an idea or a partial grocery shopping order or a Need to Do Today list, but on the other hand it is not good because I can never remember which notebook holds which important notes! Maybe I need to look at this method again…
  3. I subscribe to wedding sites and blogs and I’m not even getting married! But my darling daughter is, this summer, and I’m being a very good mom, I think, looking for unique ideas for her that she could incorporate into her own special day. Or maybe I’m just weird.
  4. I hate wearing shoes that encase my feet and I double-hate wearing winter boots! They are bulky, uncomfortable, keep sliding around on my long, narrow feet and are just plain awful to clomp around in. Maybe if I had delicate size six feet like some of my friends I wouldn’t mind, but by the time I add the bulk of boots to my size eight-nine clodhoppers I was cursed blessed with, I look like Clementine wearing boxes without topses
  5. When I was a little girl I had a secret wish (okay, not so secret as I often mentioned it to my mother and father and siblings and aunts, uncles and cousins, plus the odd traveling salesman who ventured to our door selling brushes or methylated ointment….well, you get the picture) for a chimpanzee! And I was serious…I thought a chimp was so cute–didn’t think about bodily functions that would have to be looked after or anything trivial like that…but my parents never caved in. Probably for the best.
  6. Since my husband’s death I often keep his side of the bed piled high with stuff–clean clothing to be put away, two or three books I plan to read, a notebook or two, an extra blankie or afghan, maybe a snack…makes the bed seem not quite as empty when I crawl in at night….another sign of my weirdness, I know…
  7. I procrastinate making appointments that I know I need or phone calls for services I need..the dentist, the optometrist,  someone to fix my air-exchanger, someone to paint the cathedral walls in my entry and living room…even my hair stylist…don’t know why, I just do. Another sign of my weirdness.

I’m seeing a trend here, noting these 7 things about me…I am a very weird little woman. But at least now I realize it and could do something about it if I wanted to…which I don’t…which is simply another sign of my weirdness. Go figure.

And last but not least for winning this blog award I get to nominate a few other bloggers and pass the award on to them. So here they are, in no particular order: Renee writes hilarious posts about everything and everyone. Right now she’s doing a several part series about dating issues her friend Susan is experiencing through online dating sites. Fun for us to read–not sure if it’s fun for Susan… Susie writes about her travels and what goes on in her head, as well as other interesting stuff. Check her out and enjoy the wild ride. This blog has wonderful pictures of the country life that the country man and his wife are living. She says she is ” A prairie woman choosing to enjoy each season, in weather and in life…” Worth stopping by for a visit.

I think I’m really supposed to nominate more than three other bloggers but I’ve run out of time for now…there are so many great blogs and bloggers out there that really all a person has to do is browse the web a little bit and you’ll find tons of interesting people you otherwise would never get to meet.

Thanks again, Let’s Cut the Crap, for my award. Back at ya!


13 thoughts on “Awesome Blog Content Award

  1. Thank you so much, Sylvia. I really appreciate the shout-out. Also, I have the nicest red soup-drinking mug I love to use. The other day I made cheeseburger soup in the slow cooker and my husband and I ate from the red mugs. For some reason that mug made taste just a little bit more scrumptious. 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome! Cheeseburger soup sounds delicious, by the way…never made it but I think I’ll look up a recipe for it. And yes–having just the right mug makes all the difference in how the food tastes!

  2. I never wanted a chimp: hmm; interesting title for a new blog!

    But since you need more blogs to represent the award you bestowed on three lucky and talented bloggers, I volunteer my blog form your consideration, and offer to take the pesky and time-wasting effort of combing through dozens of other good ones!


    1. Ha ha–you are funny, Ronnie. I’ll check out your blog and let you know, okay, although I already have a strong feeling that I like your sense of humor! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.

  3. Thank you, my dear. I am truly honored by the shout out. And I am delighted that you are enjoying the dating mishaps of my (formerly) dear friend, Susan. Actually, Susan loves the notoriety. She and I have made much mischief together, over the years, and I look forward to more in the years to come.

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