New Year’s Eve Weather Gods

Today is December 31, New Year’s Eve 2011. Today I had planned on driving to a neighboring province to visit good friends of mine for a few days and also to go wedding dress shopping with my daughter, who is planning her wedding for next summer. But I forgot to first check with the weather gods before I made these plans; silly me.

Image by Jen SFO-BCN via Flickr

Today the weather gods have spoken–and they used a LOT of swear words. They looked down on us in Atlantic Canada and decided that we needed a good dose of reality–it is, after all, the end of December and up to now our winter has been mild and for the most part, brown green. We’ve had a couple of light snowfalls that didn’t stick around and our fair share of rain and wind, but overall the weather gods have been kind. So I guess that’s why they decided that today was a good day to shake things up a bit for people who thought they would travel the roads and highways on their way to New Year’s Eve celebrations.

I awoke this morning to freezing rain hitting my bedroom window. When I looked outside all three vehicles parked in my driveway were covered in ice and my deck looked like a skating rink. Good for staying at home, indoors, in front of a fire but not good for maneuvering a vehicle up and down slippery highway hills and around treacherous twisty highway turns.

I talked with my friend in Dartmouth and told her about the freezing rain here and she said it is raining so hard there that drivers can barely see the road in front of them. We agreed to watch the weather and check back with each other before I decided whether or not to attempt the trip.

English: A tree after a light coating of freez...
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She called me again an hour ago and suggested that I stay home today; we want to see each other and visit but it isn’t worth risking life and limb to make that happen. I can wait and drive down there tomorrow when the weather improves. So that’s what I’m going to do. I am curled up on my sofa and may likely stay here for the remainder of the day unless I decide to go downstairs to the family room and watch one of the movies I received for Christmas. I am happy not to have to drive anywhere today.

But if you are heading out on New Year’s Eve please be careful; no matter what the weather gods have given you today in your little corner of the world their whims remain unpredictable and an evening that begins with mild temperatures and dry pavement can turn into a raging blizzard complete with ice pellets and wind-driven snow in the blink of an eye. As a person who has lived all her life in Atlantic Canada I can testify that this is the maddening truth.

I’ll be thinking of you tonight and hope that everyone enjoys a peaceful, safe New Year’s Eve whether you ring in the New Year alone in your cozy home or out with friends at a party or dance.

All the best, too, for the coming year. This coming year I plan to stay busy; I will be publishing a few eBooks in the near future and I also look forward to sharing more blog posts with you. I also anticipate reading the great posts from my wonderful ‘blogging friends’ I’ve met online thus far and to finding even more great blogs to add to my reading list.

Until next year!

The New Year's Eve fireworks in Oulu
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8 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Weather Gods

  1. Happy New Year. Allan and I are just sitting back munching and watching TV. After the rush of holiday entertaining that’s all I want to do. In the new year we’re going to try not to “munch” quite so much!!

  2. Sylvia, The weather here in Chicago is stil mild, no snow and no freezing temperatures…..yet. I know we will be hit soon and have snow up to our eyeballs! We will be spending the evening at home also, I have felt awful since Christmas Eve and have been either on the couch or in bed. The Hubby got some movies for tonight to keep himself entertained. My youngest son (24) is going to a fancy party with his girlfriend, and the older one (26) who is a firefigher is working until 8am tomorrow morning.

    Hope you have a nice quiet evening watching your movies in front of the fire.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks, Linda! I wish I could say that I ‘don’t do ice’…but unfortunately it’s a fact of life where I live. Maybe I need to reconsider that in the future as my bones are getting older!
    Happy New Year to you and yours as well. All the best in 2012.

  4. I am so sorry to hear that your plans are postponed. We are fortunate here in St. Louis. It is 60 degrees and daffodils are trying to bloom. Mon & Tues cold and then back in the high forties-fifties. this is the oddest winter, not complainging though. I don’t do ice! Happh New Year Sylvia.

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