Friday’s Random Thoughts

Last Friday I posted several random thoughts that run through my weird little head on any given day or even in the middle of the night when I’m lying in bed unable to sleep. While I was writing the post I realized that I enjoyed capturing those tidbits and have decided that I’m going to do it again this Friday…and perhaps again and again on other Fridays. I’ll see.

So here are a few random thoughts I’d like to share with you this week:


Dust bunnies

I wonder how big the dust bunnies in my home have to grow before I can claim them as dependents on my income tax? I used to find tiny ones hiding under my bed and really didn’t pay much attention to them; I knew I’d catch them the next time I pulled out the vacuum hose, which was often. But these days I spend so much time on my laptop and iPad playing games working that I tend to ignore both the bunnies and the vacuuming, and last night I’m almost positive that one dust creature jumped out from hiding and nibbled my bare foot as I climbed into bed. I either need to search for a cleaning service to come in once a week or so or gather up the bunnies and sell them give them away as filler for king-sized mattresses and fancy designer cushions. I’m going to check with the income tax department first, though, about the dependent-question.


I remember when some conversations used to center around what a woman had in her purse: “My goodness, Marge, what on earth do you carry in that thing? It weighs a ton!”

The brushed aluminum back of the iPad Wi-Fi
Image via Wikipedia

Nowadays conversations are more likely to focus on which applications a woman has or has not yet installed on her iPad/iPhone/iPod. I know that I’m guilty of initiating several conversations about this very topic! The other day I told my step mother about a new time-wasting game application that I bought and downloaded on the weekend and advised her to “Never, never download it because it’s addicting.” Well, last night I talked to my dad on the phone and I found out that she did not heed my well-intentioned advice–instead she had gone online immediately after our conversation and bought and downloaded the very same time-wasting game application I had talked about. Why does no one ever listen to me?

I also keep track of the apps that my sister-in-law has installed on her iPad, because ‘if Faye has it then Sylvia has to have it, too’. That’s just common sense. Of course I share my new ‘finds’ with her as well, but haven’t told her yet about the latest time wasting game application that I bought on the weekend. I’m a good sister-in-law; I want to spare her the frustration I’m going through trying to find Waldo and all his little friends and the stupid cute black and yellow striped objects that elude my gaze when I’m staring right at them but can’t find them no matter how long I search or what names I call them under my breath.

And when I was in Ontario recently and visited a friend there, I took that opportunity to show her some of the time wasting games applications I have on my iPad and offered to teach her how to download them for her iPod which was for all intents and purposes still practically a virgin with just a few music selections and an odd photo housed in its memory system. My friend looked skeptical as I loaded her device and she sounded skeptical as we discussed exactly when she might choose to use these time wasting games applications, but in the email she sent me a few days later she said she loves her iPod now and has quickly found favorites that she plays accesses as often as she has time. And if she doesn’t have time she finds time, even if that means leaving the vacuum in the closet and dirty dishes in the sink. What a good friend I am.


Noel Taussig

What makes my musical taste so eclectic? I really enjoy bopping with Moxy Fruvous at full blast on the stereo and I sing along to them blaring out “King of Spain”,while one of my new favorite albums is from my son’s friend, Noel Taussig, who has just recorded a CD. He has an amazing voice and I absolutely love his music . I play it over and over again. Worth listening to, for sure.  Check him out if you have a chance.


Why do I care about Fridays any more, now that I’m retired? For some bizarre reason I still seem to think that Fridays are special…the beginning of a weekend, of a couple of days off work when men and women and children try to relax and rejuvenate their bodies and minds before they have to head back to work or school on Monday. I don’t go back to work anymore; I had my fill of those weekends when it was all I could do to clean the house, wash and iron the laundry and perhaps prepare a few meals for the upcoming week then fall into bed on a Sunday night and absolutely despise the alarm clock for waking me at seven o’clock Monday morning. But even though I no longer have to follow that rigid schedule I am prone to thinking that weekends are the time to relax…forget what I should be doing and only do what I want to do. Weird, for sure. Does anyone else experience this? And if so, how can I stop this mindset that I’m trapped in?


Fallen leaf 1
Image by Nam2@7676 via Flickr

I wonder if I should rake up the leaves that are covering my lawn now…or should I wait until spring and then try to move them around enough that the air gets through to the ground underneath the mass of moldy vegetation that is left from the winter? Difficult call–work now or work later! I guess I’ll see what mood I’m in next week before I decide. My son still is after me to make ‘Sweet Mustard Pickles’ and I haven’t even looked for the cucumbers, cauliflower or tiny little onions that the recipe calls for and I haven’t had the heart to tell him that I really don’t like making pickles…it’s something that Gary and I did because he loved them so much…hard to get my soul into this. But maybe….never say never, I guess. I’ll let you know if I manage to overcome this latest challenge and will even post a picture of the finished product if I succeed in making the pickles.


Later, dude. Not even sure what that means, but I think it means that I’ll see you later or talk to you later or converse with you later…


15 thoughts on “Friday’s Random Thoughts

  1. Fridays do have a special feeling…. it’s that beginning of the weekend feeling… even if you aren’t working, you get caught in the wave of coming relaxation, well I do, anyway, lol. Been so long since I heard Moxy Fruvous, thanks for the reminder, love them, too and Noel’s voice is deep, deep good. Thanks for another lovely read 🙂

  2. I think that weekends still seem special because it’s when all “events” take place. The Home Show? Weekend. The RV Show? Weekend. Church Bazaars? Weekend. Apple Fest? Weekend. But I absolutely LOVE the feeling of doing anything out of the house on a weekday. I Love retirement. And I earned it. So did you!

  3. Hilarious! I knew there was a good reason I didn’t invest in an iPad, and yes, I’ve been retired for eight years and I still haven’t lost the weekend mentality – slow learner perhaps!!

  4. Your random thoughts are informative, funny and familiar. My dust bunnies were growing underneath my bed too and just recently I decided to sneak up on them with my vacuum. Have no idea what got into me. I don’t usually get these bursts of cleaning vim and vigor.

    I’ve been retired five years and can’t for the life of me figure out how I managed ANYthing when I was working. I still worry that time is flying out the window and I haven’t enough of it in a week. The weeks fly by and the only constructive things I MIGHT have managed was reading or babysitting. It’s funny about the weekends though, Friday night is still the beginning of the weekend…time for a glass of wine and put my feet up to try to watch a good movie. Maybe some habits just die hard? Or just never die at all?

  5. Interesting observation about Friday. I’m retired, too and still have feelings about the beginning and end of the work week. Maybe I’m just picking up on all the feelings of the workers around me…

    I don’t have an iAnything, so the world of apps is beyond me. I do like the way your random mind works, though! 🙂

  6. I’m feeling a bit “Wilma Flintstone” this morning! I do not own, nor do I have on my wish list anything with the first name “i” ~ despite my supreme admiration and respect for the genius of Steve Jobs.
    I do, however have dust bunnies. My dust bunnies have long fur thanks to a lovable golden retriever and two kitties residing in my home. I am getting ready to paint my bedroom. Color has been chosen, paint has been purchased, tools are lined up, but… I am afraid to move the bed. I am very afraid. I am afraid that my cute little dust bunnies have now grown out of the rabbit species and become more like “dustafaurus rex.” and are too big to even work their way out from under the bed.
    How do I handle weekends since retirement? I have simply switched the week. My week to do work starts on Saturday morning (notice I am too busy doing that work to be sending a message to you!) and ends Sunday evening. My weekend begins Monday morning and ends Friday morning! Although I am working Peak season for LL Bean, generally my new “no guilt” time for me weekend is working well!

  7. Great post – you got me giggling quite a few times. Thanks for sharing your wonderful sense of humour with us!

    …Now what is that new app you are hiding from me?!?!? 😉

    1. Faye–there are actually now a few I downloaded…Where’s Waldo, Where’s Waldo in Hollywood and another ‘searching’ game I can’t recall the name of just now…lots of fun and certainly real time-wasters.

  8. I so identify with your comments on which applications are installed on a friends iPod/iPad/iPhone. This is a conversation I have all the time and I’ve found some great stuff that way. I like that you are collecting your random Friday thoughts. I tend to get rid of random thoughts by tweeting them. Your way is more useful.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Virginia…I love reading your tweets–don’t stop them, please. And like you, I always ask people what they have on their gadgets…have found neat stuff that way too.

  9. This is a wonderful post! You are such a great writer to read first thing in the morning, this brought a delightful smile to my face with your humor and sarcasam.

    I have to tell you… I have some of your dust bunnies’ long lost cousins hanging around my house. Word on the street is that they want to have a family reunion… Shall I give them your address or would you like to give your guests mine? The more the messier!

    Have a great Saturday, Sylvia, and thanks again for starting my weekend off with a chuckle!

    1. Sarcastic? Moi? LOL…thanks for your lovely comment, Ginger…and I’m sure my dust bunnies would love to become acquainted with yours…I’ll put them on a bus on Monday…please pick them up at the station…

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