End of September

2100Hard to believe it’s the end of September already. The last day of the month; days are cooler now and evening falls quickly. Nights are great for sleeping as the humidity has finally disappeared, and I’m wistfully hopefully that it never will return. The trees in my yard are turning wonderful shades of red and gold and orange, and the plants in my pitiful garden are looking sad and forlorn, as if they know that winter is just around the corner.

What should a person concentrate on this time of year? Fall? Halloween? Christmas (Gasp)? For me, I’m just concentrating on getting through the next few months one day at a time, trying to put one foot in front of the other until winter comes and goes and spring arrives again.

I’m hoping to spend some winter-time in warmer climates this year but nothing is definite. What in life is definite when you get right down to it? Not much, really, except death and taxes (as the old saying goes). And I don’t like either of those choices.

The university students in my town have taken over again. They are everywhere—in supermarkets, banks, the liquor store and the post office. I love having them in our town. They add life and youth and a vibrancy that the town lacks in the lazy days of summer. So what if I have to wait at a crosswalk for ten minutes while seemingly hundreds of them head to the university cafeteria? Small price to pay for the influx of money and variety they add to our sleepy little town, I think.

But they look so young now that I’m surprised they can cross the street by themselves! Baby faces, long hair swinging in the wind, backpacks over their shoulders…hard to tell which ones are high school students and which are university newbies. Sometimes the only way to tell is when they are carrying boxes of beer or bags filled with wine from the local liquor store. And even then I have to look twice to make sure, because they all look SO young!

For the next few weeks I’m going to try to enjoy the fall. I know that before I know it the weather will be miserable—cold and rainy and snowy with lots of sleet and hail thrown in for good measure. And then I’ll be missing the trees with their brightly coloured leaves and the mosquito-free yard and the sun-dappled deck in my backyard.

Here’s to a wonderful October and November!


13 thoughts on “End of September

  1. I have loved all of your posts and enjoy your writing so much! This one will be a special favourite. The imagery is magical. I will go back and read this in the depths of winter, when my soul is ravaged by the bitter cold and snow, and I will use it to transport myself back to my favourite season. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. October has always been my favorite month. I love the summer, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about the warm days, cold nights, and the fun of preparing the house to be a snuggle place. I love hot chocolate and stews and the beautiful fall colors. Our leaves haven’t changed here yet, but I can see them starting. Here is to a lovely fall, a new season and all of the wonderful carmel apples!

  3. I was there, am there… such vivid imagery once again… thanks for the great read… lovely visit… I will be thinking of you every sun dappled autumn day I enjoy this year. Best to you!

  4. There’s a very positive relationship between the different seasons of the year which show us how much ability we have to accomplish as these great flora flourish before our eyes and the time we are willing to spend on it.

    That is a very nice one. Lets all

  5. Another literary painting Sylvia! I too love fall ~ the crispness of the air, the cool nights, the smell of an apple orchard, the taste of cider and fresh baked apple crisp. The crunch underfoot with each step through the fallen leaves. I still await the changing colors in southern Maine. I am sure they are literally only days away!
    I was a teacher and school administrator for 30 years. Fall has always carried the stress/excitement of new beginnings and doors opening to new adventures and new people. For whatever reason, I have always seen the fall as a new beginning, not the beginning of the nature’s winter slumber. I almost equate autumn with spring. Cherish each moment awaiting winter…

    1. You paint quite the literary picture yourself, Carol! Thanks for your comment. Yes, I love fall too–I just don’t like the fact that I know it leads to winter…can’t have one without the other, I guess, at least in eastern Canada (or Maine, for that matter). But I do hope to enjoy the next few weeks of lovely fall weather. Hope you have a great one as well.

  6. Might a hot toddy help? I’m having a nice lemon tea right now. Feeling it here too. It’s been raining off and on since yesterday and the dampness is getting into my bones. I know what you mean about winter—-I’m not looking forward to it either. We haven’t had to put the furnace on yet. That’s a good thing ($$) unless this dampness gets inside. Need to stay warm!

    Our trees aren’t in full dress yet and I don’t get to see university students although we ARE a university town. I see lots of LITTLE munchkins though getting on the school bus though.

    1. Tess–a hot toddy sounds lovely. Even tea with lemon sounds good. The dampness does have a way of getting into my joints. Haven’t needed the heat on yet, though, so as you said, that is good. Our trees are turning color quite quickly now and will really put on a show within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. Always love to hear from you.

  7. autumn is for me the preferred season: not so hot as summer and gorgeous colors. And since I went to school the first time, hmm it was more than 50 years ago, october is for me the time to program what to do next year. Courses are beginning and I’ll visit for the second year a drawing course (I have much to learn here) and I’ll restart with my german lessons .
    Then and more important I’ll try simplt to enjoy this season together with my wife!

  8. What in life is definite? For me, it is knowing that I am going to get to read an awesome blog from you every time I get notified of a new post. 🙂
    Your writing style is so fun and fresh. Thank you for relayimg so many great image descriptions. I feel like I am right next to you in your experiences.

    1. Thank you so much, Kristine, for your lovely comment. I am so glad that you like my writing…something I think all writers strive for is to have readers relate to what they say. Please come back again. Love to hear from you. I’ll check out your blog too!

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