Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity – Jig!

Home again, home again, Jiggety-Jig

I love coming home. I love it whether I’ve been away two hours or two weeks; I can’t help it, I’m a home-body. I like being surrounded by my own ‘stuff’, even though I know that I have too much stuff and am trying to purge my house of the extra clutter items I no longer want nor need. But that’s a story for another day.

This day I’m home again after a two-week trip to Ontario.  I spent a week and a half with my daughter in one Ontario city and then the last few days with a good friend of mine in another Ontario city. I had a great time in both places and look forward to going back again in the not-too-distant future.

The main reason I went to visit my daughter this time of year, when she is up to her eyebrows with her Master’s courses, was that she turned thirty this month and I wanted to be with her to celebrate this milestone. I’m so glad I went; we spent a lot of time together and enjoyed each other’s company, and that was nice. It was even worth the scary flight I had on my way to her city from Toronto on a plane that was so tiny I thought perhaps it was being pedaled by the pilot or maybe running on a good-quality AA battery or two. Really, this plane was small, like a kit that my brothers used to put together with glue when they were boys.

Similar to the plane I flew in!

But I arrived safe and sound and even my baggage made the trip without any mishap. I had my one allotted bag filled with some of my daughter’s winter necessities and a few of my things that I needed for my two-week trip. Thank goodness I’m still experiencing hot flashes so I don’t need to travel with any warm, bulky clothing…that way I was able to save plenty of room for her winter coat and scarves and hat and sweaters and pajamas. Oh, and her curling shoes, in case she has an opportunity to join a curling club this winter, and a pair of her sneakers that she really wanted with her this year.

I find it hard to believe that my little girl has now entered the third decade of her life.  She looks so young, and innocent, and how can I have a baby girl who is that age when I’m still not even grown up myself? But somehow it happened–I swear I only shut my eyes for a moment and when I opened them again both my children had grown up. Inconceivable.

It was nice to be able to see my daughter’s apartment and tour parts of the city with her on the buses. I’m not used to buses–hopping on and hopping off, but after a couple of trips I became more comfortable with the routine. I am a people-watcher by nature (some may say nosy), and boy oh boy are buses great avenues for that particular hobby. Never a dull moment on a bus when there are other riders on it too.

My daughter had classes the night of her birthday so we waited until the following evening to go out to supper. Her apartment is located close to a few restaurants so we were able to walk to the one we chose. The food and drinks were good, the waiter was attentive and the atmosphere was relaxing. A wonderful mother-daughter meal followed by a brisk walk back to the apartment. (Wonder if the cooks took classes from www.onlinecookingschools.net . )

We didn’t go out to eat every night, though. I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce one day so we enjoyed a couple of spaghetti suppers before we froze the remaining sauce into containers for my daughter to have on hand for quick meals, plus we made stir fries with rice and ordered pizza in one night. We also went shopping and stocked the kitchen cupboards with staples and a few treats such as popcorn and hot chocolate that will taste great on cool fall evenings.

Shopping–oh, the shopping! When my daughter rented this apartment for the beginning of Sept she didn’t have anything with her to put in it other than a bed, a couch, a table and chairs, a small television and a few pots. No cutlery, no dishes, no shower curtain, nothing. So she has had to do quite a bit of shopping in her limited free time. By the time I arrived she had the apartment fairly well set up, but there were still a few things missing that she needed, and it is always nice to have someone to shop with, so I was happy to go to the stores with her.

Most times we took a bus to the mall but caught a taxi back to the apartment because we had TOO many parcels to try to carry in our arms. We bought drapes for the bedroom, a chair that will work in the living room as well as on the patio, a gorgeous royal blue square storage ottoman, a microwave (a gift for her birthday), several kitchen small utensils, a baking pan so that I could make banana bread for her, and a few more items that I’m probably forgetting.

I also decided to rent a car for a couple of days while I was there, and when I was in the process of renting the vehicle I realized that I had NEVER done this before. Never. So it is something else I should add to my ‘completed bucket list’ items, I think. I have now rented a vehicle all by myself. Even though I was a bit concerned about navigating around the city in the heavy traffic, we did fine. My daughter acted as co-pilot and warned me in lots of time when I had to make a right or left turn or get into another lane of traffic. Having a car allowed us to find stores that weren’t convenient for traveling to on a bus, and it was great not to have to use a taxi to transport some of our heavy parcels home. And we were able to explore the city a bit. My only complaint about the car was that it was very low to the ground, and the dashboard reminded me of a boat, but it drove fine and got us where we wanted to be, so overall it was fine.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

One more thing that I did during this trip that I’ve never done before is take a DVD player apart. Exciting! I put a DVD into my daughter’s player and it got stuck–kept making whirring sounds as if it was loading but would never finish. Nor would it let us use any of the buttons to make it stop whirring or to eject it. We  tried unplugging it from the television and from the wall (that’s what Google said to try to see if the microprocessor resets itself–it didn’t), and we tried to slide a knife into the unit to see if we could trigger the eject button somehow (we couldn’t), so as a last resort, and  because I really wanted to watch the Johnny Depp movie my daughter bought, I unscrewed the casing and removed the cover, then removed another screw and slid the holder away from the DVD. Success! The movie came out and I put everything back together, then crossed my fingers that it would work when we hooked it up again. Thankfully it did, and Johnny entertained us while we ate our stir fry.

But now my trip is over and I’m home. It’s time to get back into my own routine and tackle some projects around the house and yard that I put off doing during the muggy days of summer. My daughter will be home again in December for Christmas, and I know that the weeks leading up to that will fly by, so I’d better get busy. Bye for now.


7 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity – Jig!

  1. I’m so glad you had a wonderful visit with your daughter. It sounds like your trip was the perfect 30th birthday present!
    I too am REALLY impressed with your DVD dismantling and reassembly! That is a definite for your Completed Bucket List.

  2. OMG So impressed at your DVD assembly! As a techno resistant or stunted type, I am so inept at such things. Amazing, that deserves to be on the bucket list. I hear you on the people watching, I can never get enough and I’m so glad the pilot “pedalled” you home safely so we have the pleasure of sharing your visit with your daughter. Just lovely.

  3. Daughters are wonderful. I have one too. Nice to hear you had a great time visiting her in Ontario. Too bad I didn’t know you were coming. I could have rolled out the red carpet!

    Nice to have you back!

    1. Yes, daughters are indeed wonderful and I am fortunate that my daughter and I really get along great. Thanks for the red carpet offer–next time I’m headed your way I’ll give you a shout first!

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