First 50 Words: Bunny Barrier

Had a peek at First 50 Words again–today’s prompt is the phrase: Bunny Barrier. Funny how blog owner Virginia DeBolt went one way with her 50 words and I went in a completely opposite direction. Guess that’s why these writing prompts are such a great challenge…who knows what the mind will compose, who knows what weird/wonderful/warped ideas a few words will prompt. Thanks again, Virginia! Love your ideas!

For Virginia’s story, please check out her site:  First 50 Words Meanwhile, here’s my vignette for the prompt.

Bunny Barrier

“Funny—I’d never thought of a ‘Bunny Barrier’ in this way,” said Susan.
“I think it’s a good idea,” Paul said. “Especially with all the weirdos around these days.”
Susan stared at the young woman gyrating to the music, eyes rolled back in her head in pseudo-ecstasy, bunny ears upright as though aroused…
“Guess a cage makes sense, then.”


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