Peachy–First 50 Prompt

I needed a push today to get my creative juices working, so decided it was time to add another entry to Virginia DeBolt’s blog “First 5o Words“.

Virginia’s prompt for May 11 is the word “Peachy”, but instead of conjuring up visions of fruit,  the prompt made me remember one of the rhymes my daughter and her friends chanted when skipping rope as giggling little girls.

Here is my entry for today:

“Apples, peaches, pears and plums, Jump out when your birthday comes.”
The little girls twirled the rope and chanted the skipping rhyme while Bobby jumped, hoping to make it ‘til “August”.
On his fifth attempt he succeeded.
“I did it,” he shouted. “Now pay up!”
Little girls giggled and stood one behind the other.
Betsy was last in line, but when she planted a whisper-kiss on his cheek, Bobby’s heartbeat told him she was worth the effort and the wait.


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