First 50 Words: The West Gate

Virginia DeBolt hosts “First 50 Words”, where she provides a topic for others to write about it in approximately 50 words. This is lots of fun and helps kick-start ideas–who knows where those 50 words will lead? Could be the beginnings of a short story, a poem, or perhaps a mystery novel that’s been percolating for months.

Why not give it a try, and see where your creativity takes you? Just click on this link and add your 50 words to Virginia’s Blog–and don’t forget to let me know that you did so I can go there and read your work!



The West Gate   

He said he’d meet me at the West Gate, at midnight. He said to bring money and a change of clothes.  He   said to leave my children with my parents and to ditch my car for a rental. He said he loved me.

Too bad I didn’t know where the West Gate was.



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