First 50 Words: I Think

Virginia’s blog offers writers an opportunity to be silly, to be serious, to be irreverent–pretty much to be anything we want to be in approximately 50 words.

Her writing topic today is on the words “I Think“. Her entry is great–it’s about how she thinks we all have too much stuff. I agree with her, too…all I have to do is look around my home to know that I have to pare down my stuff, because I definitely have too much. I am going to try to implement the ‘one-in, one-out‘ rule; whenever I bring something new into the house, something old has to be taken out. In fact I may expand on that rule for a bit and try it as a ‘one-in, two-out‘ guideline. Maybe that will help me pare down some of the clutter that fills my life.

But I digress. Today’s topic is “I Think“, and here is my irreverent take on it.

I Think

Freezing Cold

I think that winter should be banned in Canada. Our government must have the power to do this; they seem to be able to do pretty much anything they want. I think perhaps the snow blowing and snow plowing lobbyists are in someone’s back pocket. I would vote for a government that would outlaw temperatures below -10 Celsius. Just saying. Plus I am very cold.


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