First 50 Words: The Cut

I popped over to Virginia’s First 50 Words site yesterday to see what was new. It has been a while since I’ve played there, and I thought it was about time to practice writing 50 words or so again, using Virginia’s prompt as a catalyst.

The prompt I chose to work with is titled “The Cut”. Could be about anything at all–Virginia talked about spending money for music, and how only certain artists make the cut for her.

I chose a different take on the theme. Here is mine:

The Cut

Some cuts are minor: paper slicing a finger, a paring knife drawn across a knuckle, a jagged beach rock piercing a heel.

Other cuts deserve respect: ones that slice into abdomens and arteries, ones that sever hearts and heartstrings, ones that leave the wounded scarred forever.

Death is such a cut.


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