First 50 Words Post

Today’s writing prompt by Virginia DeBolt on her site is, “LET’S PLAY“, and in her post she talks about playing games online with a few of her friends. That made me stop and think about what a lot of us take for granted these days–playing games with family or friends even though they’re not in the same room with us, and in many cases, aren’t even in the same province.  I know that I thoroughly enjoy the games I share online with others and wonder if anyone else feels the same way.

How about you? Do you play games online via your computer or Wii system? What do you play? How often? How do you decide the time and place you’ll play? Do you email each other, or do you send an instant message? Do you Skype while you’re playing so that you can encourage each other or  laugh maniacally when you push your friend off the course and into a mushroom gorge? Please take a minute to add a comment here with your story of  “Let’s Play”–I’d love to know that I’m not alone in my addiction!

Here is what Virginia’s prompt forced me to write:


“Wat’cha doing? Want to Play?”
When the email arrives, I know that my sister-in-law and I will either resume our Scrabble© games (no less than eight, no more than twenty), or begin another rowdy marathon of Mario Kart©. Thanks to technology, the thousands of miles and three time zones between us doesn’t matter…so let the games begin!


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