Microfiction Monday #60

Time for another Microfiction Monday (courtesy of Susan at http://www.stonyriver.ie/ ). I missed playing last week, but am back at it this week with renewed determination! Here is the picture, followed by my attempt at capturing its essence in 140 characters, or fewer. If you’d like to join in the fun, please visit Susan’s site and start writing!


We shall guard your loved ones; we shall never sleep. Though time decays and vandals desecrate, we will stand tall. This is our promise.

(136 characters)


26 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday #60

  1. Nice, Sylvia! 🙂 It reminded me of last Friday night after church when our friend got out of his car at the church curb to go find his wife. Mrs. Jim told him she would guard his car for ____ Peso! And I added that I would wash it! (Have you driven to Mexico? That’s the line there, “guard your car.” I never said no to them guys!)

  2. I like the way you gave voice to the markers. It’s Sunday night and I have spent most of the day writing articles for an annual report and my brain is tired. Perhaps tomorrow I will have a clever tale to tell. Perhaps not.

  3. Love your take on the pic of the day! It’s been interesting to see that more are seeing the dark side of this one than humor. I always enjoy seeing the different reactions to the same pic each week! Hope you have a great week! Enjoy!


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