Microfiction Monday #58

It’s Microfiction Monday time, courtesy of Susan at http://www.stonyriver.ie/.

Here is my story for this week’s picture, which must be told in 140 characters or less:

My last gig was great; I shared a wall at Montana’s with a moose buddy. Then some idiot said he needed a mascot and now—I’m so embarrassed!
(139 characters)

Note: Montana’s Restaurant used to run ads featuring a deer head and moose head in conversation about the restaurant patrons and meals.


26 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday #58

  1. Hi Sylvia,

    Great take on the scenario, cheered up a cold and miserable afternoon.

    I can remember taking my niece (5 at the time), to Disneyworld, Florida at Xmas. The Magic Kingdom always changed their ‘Country Bear Ho-Down’ show for a Christmas version (They don’t do this any more sadly). There was always a Reindeer, Moose and Bison head, fixed to one wall, who talked to each other throughout the show. My niece thought it was hysterical and made her laugh the most for several years!!!

  2. Okay, what I said on last week’s by mistake — I remember the commercials for Montana’s restaurant. Good take. My mistake.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Ah, we do misuse our wildlife friends!! And Montana is such a great place! Lived there for 16 years, so I can understand his being upset!! What a great one for the day, Sylvia!

    Sylvia (the other one)

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