Microfiction Monday #57

You know the drill by now for Microfiction Mondays, courtesy of Susan at http://www.stonyriver.ie/, where a picture is worth 140 characters or less. Here is this week’s picture and my two interpretations of it:

Lucas gripped his walking stick/weapon. “You keep following us, mister, and you’ll regret it.”
He didn’t see the gun until it was too late.
(138 characters)


Lucas had been walking in the desert for days; how he regretted betting his pony in that poker game. Luckily he had good shoes and a stick.
(139 characters)


29 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday #57

  1. Both stories are great—creative and unique–one, a thriller and one, a quandary. You can’t go wrong with good shes and a stick in the desert!

  2. I’ll choose the second one, Slyvia. Both were great! I did wonder who the “us” was in the first? I really felt sorry for the poor fellow in the second. His horse is the last item one should lose in gambling. 🙂
    I liked last weeks too. I’m glad you got scary.
    Sorry, but I didn’t get my rounds made last week.

  3. Both were really good Sylvia, the first on Haunting but real, the second one I guess you could say Experience is the Best Teacher or a Fool and his Money are soon parted.

    Nicely done

  4. Hi Sylvia,

    I wasn’t so sure about the first of your scenario’s, but the second one was great, as was the fact that you decided the guy should have a name.
    You can almost see Lucas’s dismay, as his gambling rival rides off into the sunset on his winnings!!

  5. The first one is very scary. The second could be a morality play on the evils of gambling. A very short play, of course, 140 characters or less.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. Oh, I love both of yours!! Guess that says something for “great minds think alike????” Well, marginally great, perhaps!! Does say something for making sure you buy good shoes!! And, carry a stick of course!! Great ones for the day!


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