First 50 Words New Post

One of the blogs I follow is:  Virginia deBolt, the author of that blog, routinely suggests new topics for writers to….write about, and starts each topic off with an example of her own writing. I’ve posted several submissions to that blog, and have decided to add them to my site as well as a means to track them.  If the mood or muse strikes you, why don’t you visit the site and offer your own ‘first 50 words’ on a topic. It’s fun.

The Guests

They came uninvited. They danced on my sofa, rummaged through my fridge, and left cheesy smudge marks on my counters. They opened boxes of crackers and smashed a jar of peanut butter.

An exterminator set humane traps. The next day I cleaned house from top to bottom, erasing all traces of these raccoon rascals.

(54 words)


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