Microfiction Monday # 47

Welcome to Microfiction Monday, where a picture paints 140 characters (or even fewer), courtesy of Susan at  http://www.stonyriver.ie/ Susan invites anyone to join in, so give it a try sometime and discover how much fun it is.

Here is this week’s picture, and my interpretation of it:

Now Willie realized why no one wanted to sit in the front.
Concentrate, Willy, concentrate–what was that spell for calming rough seas?

(135 characters)


30 thoughts on “Microfiction Monday # 47

  1. Isn’t it it wiggle your nose and click your feet? Thanks for dropping by to read my 140. Sorry for the delay but dealing with drama of son having to dash across Italy to catch his flight. Hope your week goes better then his!

  2. Very good. You know I never sit in the front of anything, except when driving LOL I’d have a brain fart as well if I was sitting up front. LOL Have a great week ahead 🙂

  3. Don’t you just love to sit in the front roller coaster car!
    Riding this boat up front might cause a bigger still adrenaline rush.
    Nice one, Sylvia. 🙂

  4. Ca;m down a little Willy, You’ll remember the spell and then you’ll be home safe and sound.
    Fingers crossed for you!
    Very very good Sylvia. Liked your take!

  5. Oh dear, I understand Willie gets quite muddled under pressure. I certainly hope Hermione is nearby to rescue everybody.

    Excellent take on the pic. Thanks for letting me add my own twist here!

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